What is the core value of Terra Chain to surpass other chains?

Hi, Just want a discussion how What is the core value of Terra Chain to surpass other chains?

Terra is an ecosystem much like Ethereum. I believe the biggest value that Terra can bring on top of the innovations that are happening now is on gas fees. I really love how the Terra ecosystem allows you to pay in Luna, UST, EUT, and others. I believe even when the price of Luna appreciates greatly - we would still be able to participate on a daily level because the costs can be paid in UST. I don’t think any other chain has so far thought of it this way. Second, the focus on the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) for most of the products/services being released is really geared towards mass adoption. I see Terra’s suite of products as probably being the first to reach a billion. Third, Do and his team are one of the best blockchain teams out there. They ship. Period. I just love the energy that they bring towards innovating in this space.


someone wrote a pretty good article that might help answer your question


Very useful article. Thank you.

Great article that explains the ecosystem brilliantly. Also, since that original article, dozens more apps onboarded that play an integral part of the growth of Terra :waning_gibbous_moon: