What’s the alternative proposal to Do’s Plan

Do Know revised plan likely won’t pass since everyone around who has a small basic understanding of math would easily get that everyone will loose from the ones that didn’t sell to the ones that purchased at the end, etc. And that this plan would trigger legal actions because it’s like stealing from current v1 holders to give to v2 with a prefabricated distribution that is questionable.

If this proposal won’t pass the vote, what’s the alternative one considered ?

Should there be a vote between the top two proposals ?

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I think the only other remaining way is the ‘burn with transactions’ proposal, since re-pegging UST with LFG’s money doesn’t seem viable at this point. I think it makes sense from a luna staker’s view… I am already diluted like crazy but it’s definitely one of the last things we can try at this point, won’t hurt me any more than just doing nothing.

The thing though is that the developers don’t seem to like it very much. I’ve been in the Cosmos ecosystem and the Juno debacle so I understand this governance thing I think, but ‘governance’ can’t enforce developers to develop something in the end if the devs refuse. I wonder why, I think there’s a good reason for that so I’d like the devs to explain why not. :woman_shrugging:

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Relates to overall 1. Luna allocation % to UST holders and 2. the SNAPSHOT of UST.

  1. Overall % allocation: First, the UST holders have put life savings to the extent it impacts their day-to-day lives with family and kids. On contrast, Luna holders knew they are participating in a volatile asset (similar to equity/shares), and was exposed to unlimited upside (as well as downside). So, it does not make sense to give 45%-70% of equity to Luna holders (both directly and indirectly). They have set aside enough cash and stablecoins to survive.

UST holders whereas had no infinite upside while maximum downside. Sadly, this did occur and countless tragic stories in real life! Luna holders rekt, but they have other stables and other tokens. UST holders rekt = and have no stables and limited crypto which also went down by 50%. So, does not make sense to pay the debt holders such a little amount. They should be compensated the largest (or larger) % to avoid lawsuits and constant threats to Luna ecosystem developers.

Luna holders do not have much ground to enforce any legal actions but UST holders will do extreme things. Imagine your 1 USD turns to $0.05 in the savings account when compared to stocks getting bankrupt. Hurts you in different ways and the compensation plan puts a vinegar on your open wounded scars.

  1. UST Snapshot - Snapshot as of the launch will only benefit short-term traders. Multiple snapshots taken @ pre-attack @ $0.8 @ $0.6 and finally $0.03 (or $0.05). True lunatics held until $0.03 or when the network went offline. Anyone who’ve traded from say $0.6 or $0.3. And the 2-3 days of $0.10-$0.20 range shouldn’t even be factored i.e. exchange volumes in the last 2-3 days.