Airdrop Rate Can't be Real, has there been an error

I had UST45,164 pre attack and UST48,192.86 (in Terra Station), post attack and now i have LUNA 545.473178 which is worth around USD4.97 it equates to a pre attack LUNA82.8 exchange rate, this can surely not be correct. I’d have been much better off selling the UST48.2k for 0.1 on the USD pre airdrop. I also have 348.85768111 old LUNA (pre and post attack), on Binance with no airdrop yet???

What will happen to all the Luna in the Terra station wallet that didn’t get the pheonix-1 new network does that mean its gone and i can’t withdraw or trade please explain

You have got more Luna tokens which are vested. You can see them on by connecting your wallet.

You can do anything with the old LUNA token (LUNC now) and you can see them in your Terra Station wallet on the classic network.

Thanks, Yep saw the vested airdrop a while back and staked the initial LUNA airdrop. However my LUNC is on Binance and really worthless. Is there LUNC staking on Terra platform?

No, it’s not available.

Brilliant, i just bought 10 BUSD worth of LUNC to get the minimum to send it from Binance to Terra station 90 minutes ago, and its not shown as arrived yet…

Pls help me i have my lunc on trustwallet which i bought post attack,did not see my airdrop and also how can i transfer to tera station? Help pls

Hi, I had this message arrive in this thread and i clicked the live chat link and they said to activate the LUNC i sent that i had to connect my wallet, that asked for my seed phrase which i entered a number of times as it failed to establish a connection, as i couldnt connect the support chat asked for my seed phrase which i stupidly gave, what can i do?


Hi @Vegan_Terry kindly chat with the official agent on a live chat support to report this for further assistance via LIVE CHAT

SCAM!!! Move your funds to a new wallet immediately, it is compromised!

Can they still access it without the password

They can, seed phrase is all that is needed for complete access

Great. The LUNA is vested

How many LUNC you had bought and on which date? And where you have them on trustwallet on Terra Network?

The LUNA is vested and can’t be moved off of the wallet until the release date, so i can’t do nothing until then right?

Correct, once it is closer to the end of the 6 months, there are mods who can try to help you beat the scammers to moving it out (with scripts).

Are you a Terra admin? The LUNC was on Binance, today i added 10 BUSD to make the minimum to transfer to Terra wallet, it didnt arrive, thats when the scammer (message above which came just after your earlier message), said that my account needed enabling for LUNC and managed to get my seed phrase… not a good day and this forum is very unsafe, Terra should really do a better job on approving messages that offer live chat!

Mayank is admin. But there are scammers hiding in the chat and the message you referred to was a private message which we cannot control.

Can someone please help me determine how much LUNA 2.0 I should have received?
I feel like Ive been short changed only receiving 16 now and 52 total.

Maybe there shouldnt be pm’s… its dangerous