Why 1.2?

1.2% Why was/is this the percentage?

Why not just 1% ?

And why was it lowered to .2% and not .5%?

In other words, why are we sticking to the .2?

it doesn’t matter what percentage, even 10%, doesn’t make sense and won’t change the situation
everything that is being burned at the moment does not affect, and cannot affect the price of lunc, because it’s zero.
And this happens because the main 70-80-90% of coins are on exchanges and trading is not involved in combustion.
And until we force the exchanges to apply burning from all transactions within the exchange, nothing will change for the better in the lunc kingdom.

I propose to suggest that all exchanges voluntarily remove the MEMO label and create a separate, real address in the lunc blockchain for each account on the exchange, and then all transactions on all exchanges will take place in the lunc blockchain, and all these transactions will be burned by the lunc community tax, and if necessary, the lunc community, after discussion and voting, can to change the amount of tax regardless of whether the exchanges want or do not want it.

if some exchanges do not want to abandon MEMO and voluntarily join the lunc community’s decision, then they want to harm the community and protective measures must be applied to them, block the addresses of these exchanges, and only allow withdrawal so that lunc holders can leave the dissenting exchange and switch to a loyal exchange.
I am sure that this offer dramatically stimulates lunc and ustc and everyone will be happy.