Terra eventually proceeds with the vote But why isn't it reflected in the rejection?

We know how stupid and wrong this proposal is

But a ridiculous sign of consent has already come out

It’s weird

I signed a disclaimer

However, my opinion does not reflect

The transaction became apparent

This is to see if there’s a problem with the results of the vote

Whether it’s late to reflect

I think there’s a fabrication


There is fabrication. What is going on? I am losing so much money, man

Yup I also voted No with veto and then was 33% now is 10%…

Well…nothing to do here,mods , ghost validators , etc…

it is all on the blockchain, luna stakers can cast votes, for each vote there is a transaction, so you can’t fabricate anything.
it always worked like that with governance proposals.

so, are you a luna staker?
do you have the transaction id of your vote?
do you have significant amount of luna staked, so that your vote is even noticeable?
do you understand what those % even mean?

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It’s just that the devil has an accomplice

How come we can see only three proposals then?

new whitelisting feature was added today for display purposes, because people kept spamming the governance board with meaningless proposals. nothing was removed, if you are looking for this one - here it is.

Like to point out if this is so it was done with no notice nor prior explanation nor vote to implement such a change. Not saying for or against display change, but now changes to gov system (even if just display) being done in the dark to the broader community? Does not foster in me faith.

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without that link, you wouldn’t even know that proposal exists. Why are they hiding it? I will say it again, unless you have the direct link to proposal 1273, it does not show up on Terra Station. They are actively hiding it. This whole thing is starting to smell like North Korea.

I like seeing this proposal there up for vote, thats great.

I am hoping that there will be a dedicated team developing Luna Classic going forward with or without Terra or Do Kwon.

I find it facinating that many of us have had the same consensus regarding how to fix the soon to be old LUNA & UST but they still chose to fork.

This was my proposal which covers the 1-3% Tax but it’s split between burn, UST funding, and staking / validators. It will take longer to fix and repeg, but it’s a more robust long term fix for those chains.

Also wish I was able to get it put up to vote on the Terra Station site but its probobly too late.