Why the price of #USTC has skyrocketed recently!

When Terry Classical resumes staking and swapping. The current price of #USTC compared to the #LUNC. #USTC is seriously undervalued. If the #LUNC price reaches 0.00015 $USD at that time, then the #USTC price should reach 0.1 $USD. There is a total of 5x upside potential.

Note: This is why the price of #USTC has skyrocketed recently!

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Would you be able to enlighten me with your calculation scenario? How do you calculate this post crash relationship between the 2 coins? I would love to learn more. I thought they were currently no longer functioning together as they once were but honestly - no real idea, but interested to understand better.

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After returning to zero, the burning-pegged dollar exchange was closed, and then changed to a one-to-one exchange between the two according to the market value. The prices of each other are rising and falling, and there is a positive correlation.

Looks like Do Kwon sells BTC and buys USTC. BTC has meaningless lows…

May just be a temporary spike.

The same happened on June 9-10

This is not true. But this move nice for lunc too. Keep calm.
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