Will Do Kwon relinquish control of Luna1 if they fork?

That way the rest of us can continue on without them.


Just some basic questions I had thought of, perhaps others may have similar thoughts. I figured I’d just post them and see what people think.

If they force the fork how much of the current value after the depeg would they be allowed to siphon out of “LUNA Classic”?

Funds from all the new buyers, funds from the current trading Luna that is arguably almost a separate entity at this point ?

Will the Classic variety still have any liquidity ?

Will Kwon and LFG relinquish their stake since they have a new baby, if not, shouldn’t they take their debt with them then ?

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The result after the fork is that LUNC and LUNA are garbage, no one will trust them, one wrong decision + N wrong decisions

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I’m thinking he will, for two possible outcomes:

  1. to get away from the legal mess that this is going to incur
  2. the ‘legal mess’ sends him out of the crypto-sphere for good, so he can’t lead anymore
    Just my thought.