Are we (the community) in control now?

With nothing coming from LFG, Do Kwon or anyone else for that matter, are we the community in charge right now?

Are devs still with us?

Could we potentially work together in efforts to bring $UST and $LUNA out of this shitstorm?

I’m willing to work/contribute for the unlikely chance of recovering my money, and more importantly, as a big fk you to Do Kown.

Anyone with me?


This is genius !!!


We are against new coin

it looks on his twitter feed like the Devs are getting on board with his fork idea, however I wouldn’t expect them to be brilliant business strategists or builders of business brands and feel they are making a huge mistake here, Luna has enormous value and transactional burns and rebuilding should be the way imo

I been thinking bout this too. Whatever happens to LUNC if the fork get done? Who will manage it? Is it possible to get a burn done after fork? Can the UST algorithm be undone? It must be coded in to Luna right. Who has ownership of contract etc… Alots of question, but my answer is yes I might be with you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Tell Thoth that I said hi :wink:

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Nothing can save Luna or any crypto project while the attackers remain at large and are able to continue attacking projects that challenge their money monopoly while supporting projects that allow them to increase their monopoly. They must be fully doxxed.

The fork only to save attackers which are do kwon friends .