3 marketing ideas for community spending (warning: 2 are "out there")

I’ve been thinking about about a couple of things for a while and wanted to bring them up in here for discussion. Some of these are pretty out there - as a senior web developer and actor/screenwriter I blend two pretty distinct “personae” and I often think in terms of story. So, if any of these seem crazy, they are meant to be :slight_smile:

I. TERRA (RE)BRANDING - Making Terra a global top-down brand. What would happen if the branding was designed as a system to such level, that it would inspire recognizability anywhere and this “passion to wear” (shirts, flags, caps etc) in a similar fashion than eg. Nike, Adidas etc do. There’s something about well developed top-down brand systems, examples include: - if you catch a glimpse of a plane tail, you know it’s XYZ airlines (when this is done right). I’m thinking Virgin, Lufthansa etc. Think of Adidas and the three stripes and all the different ways they’ve been utilized across bags, shirts, flags, cars, billboards etc.

So the approach would be to engage with a world leader in design - I’ve shared in a similar post on the Mirror Forum (https://forum.mirror.finance/t/proposal-collect-3-proposals-from-top-class-design-digital-marketing-companies-for-a-general-marketing-strategy-and-derivative-products/1601/2) that one of the foremost branding and design agencies in my opinion is https://www.pentagram.com - click around their work page to get a sense of the level. There’s a huge difference between a logo “that looks well” and a brand that works as a concept and is recognizable across the board, in all of its applications.

The minimum collateral deliverable would be a new brand and style guide, but I am also very curious about a branding system for specific products/services that are directly related / built by the Terra team (as opposed to apps built by third parties / collectives) - with the goal of visually determining “I know this is a Terra product”. This of course would relate also to the shared UX kit that Do mentioned a few times earlier this year - with the understanding that this UX kit (if it’s already being worked on – knowing the team that’s probably a yes) would “inherit” the top down styling and as such, this may mean putting a pause or “refactoring” the visuals once such style guide is complete.

Proposed general action items:

  • Create separate thread for this - if interesting; formulate the exact proposal based on the discussion therein
  • Form task force / responsible community member(s) (eg myself :slight_smile: and anyone who is willing & can help the ongoing conversation with agencies for the successful delivery) to carry the task
  • Gather branding sentiment / business and marketing logic from the community, TFL, OGs, whales, investors etc. with the goal of determining “what is the Terra brand”; gather concepts such as decentralization, fairness, openness, “resistance to injustice”, uncensorability etc. The “cosmology” of the world, what it means, and how it could be further fine-tuned (whether by design or spontaneously, the services are using cosmic names - and if it’s happening in a random fashion, perhaps there’s a way to make it even more focused & formalized - eg planets are used for this, star systems are used for this, constellations for this, each could have its own visual system / color system / different pictograms etc – just illustrating here the depth of work that could come out of this). Let’s just note it would be an interesting (exciting) social experiment to undergo a collective rebranding of a DAO organization and its satellites.
  • Determine the stages for the initial (re)branding - what are the deliverables (master logo, styles; letterheads, business cards; UX system; logo system & templates for community-started projects that don’t have design skills or budgets, or WANT to use Terra-inspired visuals; helper visuals for people creating videocasts/podcasts etc)
  • Pick 1-3 branding agencies to approach;
  • Determine budgets & how the deal would happen and how payments would happen (eg can the agency receive the funds directly ; proposers sell LUNA and pay agency? some kind of partnership deal… etc.)
  • Collect proposals from selected 1-3 branding agencies; Note: Pentagram is not the only one agency in the world that can deliver that type of brand; a reasonable approach would be to pick 3 top level agencies and collect bids based on the above “brand” requirements.
  • Individual or task force to communicate with agencies so they receive the information needed to prepare proposal; funds required (if any) for bids - sometimes agencies will request funds to prepare bids, sometimes bids are at no cost
  • Selection of agency (if more than one) and initiation of project; task force to run the discovery phase with agency, communicating “in the name of the community”

Built on this, could be a general marketing strategy for Terra (I’m thinking playful/subversive airport advertising that ruffles some feathers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ), creating targeted global campaigns / spinoff services for onboarding new users etc.

II. TERRA THEME SONG - We’re operating in a universe where most of communication happens in social media. The world Terra is creating is, in my opinion, very unique and it tells a story. All powerful movements in history tie around music (yes, even those we’re not very proud of as humans). Think how its anthem moves a nation.

So: what if we commission a world known composer of the level of Hans Zimmer to create a “Terra Theme” and create an entire campaign around it. It would be a relatively big ticket item, but we have the funds (provided, of course, that they would even want to do it). I would bet that in the “sea of crypto projects” it would lift Terra to the status of a “decentralized country” and that it would have a direct, visible effect on its utilization and recognizability.

My instinct is this is not a music piece with lyrics, but maybe not? Curious to hear thoughts. We could commission a lesser known composer to get the theme done, but that’s not the only point; the idea here is to go big to maximize the wow effect, and to show the community is a movement that’s equal / even more powerful than all these big brands we consider “institutions”.

Action items:

  • Determine any requirements / wishes from the community, TFL, OG’s about what such theme should express (the approach is pretty similar to point #1).
  • Engage consultant, a music professional (composer/songwriter/producer) to assist with this project (formulate requirements, provide feedback to ensure we are receiving what we asked for). I have a high-ranking industry person in mind, will share more details when appropriate) and determine reasonable fee allocation for this and the task force to be included in the governance proposals.
  • Receive proposals for composers/studios from community/social media & determine “short list” to approach for bids
  • Contact & gather bids from composer studios
  • Select studio from bids, create governance proposal for funding (studio fee + consultant/proposer fees)
  • (TBD) Determine payment flow (via proposer to fiat to studio, how to ensure custody of funds and transparency / vs studio to be paid in LUNA etc)

III. SERIES OF EXPLAINER VIDEOS - There’s a lot of work already being done by the community around explaining the concepts. I believe that it could be beneficial to create concise animated explainer videos to be shared

  • LUNA as the pre-eminent “decentralized reserve currency” (goal: to attract investors into LUNA)
  • Stablecoins / UST and how they work (goal: to explain & increase confidence of retail investors, financial advisors, brokers, institutions etc and increase UST adoption)
  • Anchor - to explain how the fixed 20% is even possible, where the interest comes from / POS, that there’s no volatility etc (goal: to increase confidence of undecided retail & institutional savers & increase UST and other stable adoption)
  • Mirror - what are synthetics and how they work, WHY it works, address any “doubs and FUD” surrounding them (goal: to demonstrate the power of MIR and eg Nebula and new digital investment products, to inspire confidence and increase adoption)

Action items:

  • Determine from community, market analysis which explainers are actually needed, how many there are
  • Create basic requirements & copy for each
  • Find companies that create great explainers
  • (TBD) wouldn’t it be nice if we create them in multiple languages?
  • Threads created for this topic to be discussed further
  • Governance Proposal(s) for this project & commissioning of company to work on this

Curious to hear thoughts! Love what’s being built here.

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