Why Terra needs a growth marketing strategy?

Hi, guys! Today I want to discuss a different topic that needs to be implemented by the Terra team ASAP!

In the blockchain world full of developers, the winners will be the ones who will have the most users! If we don’t have users, we will not have an ecosystem!

A concrete growth strategy is more than a marketing strategy, it’s a crucial step to the Terra ecosystem. Without one, we are at the mercy of the market fluctuations of bitcoin!

What is growth marketing?

Growth marketing is a roadmap for attracting and retaining more users into the Terra ecosystem and delivering a positive customer experience.

Growth marketing is something entirely different – more of a strategic mindset than anything that can be applied to Terra!

Growth marketing is about more than just raising awareness for Terra!

It’s about converting and retaining the users into Lunatics!
It’s about converting the developers into full-time developers for Terra!

So, today I propose for all of us, to take 20 minutes per day, to learn about this topic. There are so many things we can learn from these articles. Here are some articles we should all read and develop a strategy together!

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The main issue onboarding people I have had, and even getting people that already use Terra to get comfortable with it, is the outdated docs on https://docs.terra.money/
Just look at the discord/telegram chats, 50% of it is asking questions about the ecosystem that they could not find on the docs. (mainly due to proposal votes that have changed the information on the docs)
Let’s clean up our docs, and then we can make ads/videos/propaganda. Lest we end up making videos to spread around youtube only to be spreading misinformation.

EDIT: Maybe the first campaign should be a tutorial teaching Terra users how to update the docs/github.

EDIT2: Thanks everyone who taught me how to make edits to the docs, I am now working to help update them too. Cheers.


Great idea! Definitely alot of opportunities for growth. Even just ny posting all upcoming events and updates to coinmarketcal.com would be good

That’s a great point actually.

I’m a crypto content writer and to be honest, looking for Content marketing opportunities in the Terra Ecosystem. I have a knack for creating beginner content and would love to be an active participant of the ecosystem.

I believe Luna is one of the few ecosystems where one can make a living. Tons of people are searching for a way to be free of their current situation. Luna offers this but not without big education and leaps of faith.

I think an authority site dedicated to passive income, responsible aping, making money online that was build around the Terra brand is interesting.

I have built a very successful link building agency in my past life and can offer assistance with “growing our website’s authority and content promotion” if the idea of such a website/content property became tangible.

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Terra team should listen to the community and fix these issues as soon as possible! I really think they need to hire more stuff to take care of the community requests and fix all the problems. They need to do so many things which are lacking right now like website rebranding, hire a digital marketing agency to make a growth plan for the hole ecosystem. We, as a community, really believe in Terra future…

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Exactly, and more efforts need to be put on community building on Reddit (and other platforms), we have to grow Terra (LUNA) subreddit: https://reddit.com/r/terraluna/

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I started digging into Terra more recently and have been using Anchor a lot and loving it.
I can help with updating the docs. I’m not really up to date on the current info though, so I’d need help with knowing what to change. If someone can give a list of which info needs to be changed I can update the site. It looks easy enough. I guess just fork it, make the changes, and do a pull request? This repo, right? GitHub - terra-money/docs: Terra Documentation

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Yes, please submit a PR and assign William Chen as the reviewer.

I’ll be happy to! Just need someone else to help with identifying what needs changing. I have the web dev know-how, but I’ve just begun exploring Terra recently and don’t know all the items which need changing in the docs. I’d love to pair up with someone who knows what needs changing and can give me a list, and then I go make the changes on the site.

I don’t understand - if you don’t have concrete items to edit in the docs then not sure what you are offering to do

If someone can tell you what needs to be changed, then wouldn’t they have done it already

Oh above @Pedro_explore was saying much of the info in the docs is outdated and needs to be changed, and that there should be a guide about how to change it. I don’t know exactly which info is outdated, but if he or someone else can point it out to me I can update it.

I’ve maintained a few community docs sites before, and while I invited community members to edit them when they saw something which needed changing, literally no one did (except one guy who I walked through the editing process, but it took a few hours to guide him through how to get Python installed properly for Mkdocs and get him set up with a local dev server / editor, etc.)…they would just point out something which needs changing in our group chat and that was it.

I’m guessing there’s plenty of people who know something needs to be changed but don’t know how to edit markdown and make a pull request, and can’t be bothered to learn. Or if they do know, they just can’t be bothered to write up the actual content which needs to be changed. So if there were some way for people to point out what is out of date, then I can edit the markdown with changes and re-write anything which needs re-writing and make the pull request.

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One good way to do this is to ask community managers from Telegram about which questions they need to keep answering which aren’t in the docs. This is something I actually did with community managers on a previous project and it was very helpful. They came up with a long list of questions that they had to repeatedly answer. Of course they would much rather just refer people to the docs than need to answer the same questions over and over…


Haha, you would be surprised…I had tons of people pointing out stuff which needs updating and when I linked them to instructions on how to update they basically never did.

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Then wouldn’t the best way forward be to ask those people and make relevant changes?

Seems pretty straightforward

Yes that would be ideal, but you are over-estimating the willingness of the average community member to make an effort to contribute. The majority of people pointing out missing information aren’t interested in fixing it, they want someone else to do it.

If they have the know-how and the willingness, then yes. The situation I am pointing out is the very common one where people complain and point out missing information, but don’t know how or don’t want to spend the time correct it.

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Anyway, what I was trying to say above, and evidently not expressing very clearly – is that I’m looking for someone who can point me in the right direction of what’s missing/wrong in the docs, so I can dig up the info and write/modify the complete section(s).

Since I’m pretty new to Terra I don’t really know which sections @Pedro_explore was referring to which need to be added to the docs. If Pedro or anyone else is kind enough to share a bullet point list of them, I’m more than happy to fill out the list and write up complete pages/sections based on them.


This was pretty much exactly my role at Wanchain previously. All the relevant information was scattered amongst multiple Github repos, random forums / wikis / chat groups. There was nowhere to get a big picture idea of what the project was about. To address the issue I worked closely with community managers to collect frequently asked questions, and with the dev team to get in depth answers. The result was https://www.explorewanchain.org/. It could definitely be better, but I made it a few years ago and I’ve learned a lot since then! I’d love to do something similar with Terra if possible, but it only really works if I / whoever ends up doing this can get buy-in from the team and community managers.

Unfortunately, most people who point out missing info from the docs aren’t interested in actually fixing the docs…

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This is it exactly, I 1) had no idea I could edit the docs myself on github and 2) I have not done it before so I was not confident enough to do a pull request. Ill update you with the list of stuff I have found that is different. Although, I expect (from talking on discord) that lots of things will change in Columbus-5 that it might be worth waiting to make updates?
Top of my head:

  • Update the number of validators
  • Update what happens to burnt luna and seigniorage (no longer sent to community pool but will be burned from now on)
  • % slippage and Tobby tax has changed
  • Describe the limits on Luna minting per day (changed recently by vote)

Essentially there have been a few changes via votes that just did not get updated. If you teach me how to do it I can start doing it and going back through old discord chats finding all the stuff we talked about was wrong.

EDTI: I will update the list fully. In the meantime I will try to figure out how to do it myself.

EDIT2: I am now working to change these things on the repo. thanks for the lesson.

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Awesome! Would love to work with you on this. I can help out with all the web dev stuff and can walk you through setting up a local dev server / markdown editing / pull requests etc. It’s really not too hard at all, but it is definitely a good idea to run the local dev server if you’re making any significant edits since then you’ll get an accurate preview of how it will format the markdown you write, and if you make a mistake in markdown syntax, it will not load properly and you can fix it before you do a pull request.

How about we just take one issue to begin with and work on updating it?

I’m not aware of what has changed with the number of validators. It says in the docs that the validating set is the top 100 validators, is that number wrong? Where can I find more info on the change if there was a change?

(Oh, should we be discussing docs content here or by raising issues on the docs repo itself? @dokwon. Or maybe some other venue? All the current issues there seem to be about syntax errors / broken links, etc., I don’t see much discussion of content.)