Add sign that you voted for a proposal in the Governance tab


I would like to propose a very small change to the terra station app:

Would it be possible to add a sign that you voted for the proposals that are shown,
something like You voted ‘Yes’ for this proposal, You voted ‘No with Veto’ for this proposal, etc.
Could be written anywhere in each proposal frames of the governance tab and next to the tab that shows whether validators you’ve delegated to have voted or not in each proposal details page.

It would make navigating the governance tab easier as new governance proposal can sometime show up asynchronously depending on when they completed their deposit and would help make it clearer for people who maybe don’t keep up with governance as much (or simply have very bad memory haha) but still would like to be involved.

I get that developers don’t want Terra Station to be overcrowded but I believe thats a very small ux change that should be very easy to implement.


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