Anonymous transactions on LUNC

What do you think about anonymous transactions? Is it possible to implement such things on the LUNC chain?

The need is big after the recent FED moves on digital assets trying to take the full control over the money of. US citizens. It will boost the ecosystem around LUNC.

Americans love to be free. If LUNC offers them a way to be free, they will love to take the opportunity.


interesting, but wouldn’t occur removal from exchanges, due to legalities in terms of this being an anonymous coin in regards of country restrictions of its use?

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I am not aware of it. Monero seems to have some international use cases. I see a con in enabling criminal activities and violence. Can you elaborate on your point?

Lunc is being sent from my terra wallet to terra1a2t22y8hxqqqvksxvtam9ymukgze0e3hhuunly5 without my request. please help how can i get it back

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Once upon a time Shade and VOID protocols qere doing exactly this. Bring back blockchain usage and invite them or new groups with funding then it’ll get done.

Cash enables criminal activities and violence WAY more than any crypto. What is more traceable, suitcase full of hard cash or blockchain records, seriously. Pick suitcases of cash if a criminal.

It is already there check Hurricane

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Nice! It would be cool if it was the default mode, though. What do you think?