Automated Scam Proposal Blocking on Terra Station

Introduction: The Terra community has seen a recent increase in fraudulent proposals being submitted on the Terra Station governance platform. These proposals often include malicious links, which can put the security of our community members at risk. To combat this issue, we propose the implementation of an automated proposal blocking system on Terra Station for luna classic.

Proposal: The proposed solution would be to automatically block any Terra Station governance proposal that includes any link other than This will ensure that only trusted and verified links are included in proposals on Terra Station, thereby reducing the risk of scams and protecting the security of our community members.

Implementation: This proposal can be implemented through the use of smart contracts on Terra Station. The smart contract would be programmed to automatically reject any proposal that includes a link other than the approved Classic Agora link. This would be done by using regular expressions to check the contents of each proposal and to ensure that it only contains the approved link.

A member of the L1 team would have to code this at a convenient time, that doesn’t interfere with the workload they already carry.

Benefits: The implementation of this automated proposal blocking system would have several benefits for the Terra community, including:

  • Increased security: By only allowing proposals with the approved link, the risk of scams and malicious links would be greatly reduced, providing peace of mind for community members.

  • Ease of use: This solution would be automated, making it easy for community members to submit proposals without introducing malicious links.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the implementation of an automated proposal blocking system for Luna Classic on Terra Station would provide numerous benefits for the Terra community, including increased security and a cleaner governance voting interface without all the scams.

We believe that this proposal is a necessary step towards a safer and more secure Terra community, and we hope that it will receive the support of the community.


Good initiative. Think this small adjustment can only have advantages for the community:)

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Thank you for your feedback, I hope it will make things safer for everyone as well as clean up station governance platform, by reducing/removing scam proposals clogging it up.

I think this is a good idea. Cut out the scam props.


Good idea. I would like to see this linked with some sort of timer as well. Such that the Agora post has to have been up for 3 days before the proposal can be created (or some other time frame people agree upon). That way we only get proposals that have been presented here and had a chance to be discussed.


I think all proposals should be up for discussion on agora before entering station. This way they get properly discussed and any kinks/flaws get worked out before general public vote. This stops clogging up station and wasting time on pointless proposals.

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I fully support this proposal.

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Proposal 7101 has already passed, which is essentially the same as the proposal description in this proposal discussion. Here is the discussion for that proposal that has passed.

As a result of that proposal, the following pull request was put in and merged into the Terra Station code at the time:

This code was also pulled into Rebel Station as well (and any other classic-station code that was forked and updated to pull in that request or pulled afterwards).

The same developer has also put in a pull request for the new Interchain Station as well - with even more robust pattern matching (it has yet to be merged however):

Since there are now more than one L2 wallet (that allows for governance) for people to use to connect to, anything further than what has been done would need to be done at the L1 layer with a parameter change for the official discussion forum site (for the situation where it changes). But, while a L1 solution would make things consistent and robust across the board, even for cli, and in non-Station wallets that offer governance interaction, I am not sure how much more it will gain in spam reduction (although personally I support it if it will legitimately actually help, and does not infringe on legitimate governance). PR 122 made sure that only the forum discussion link was clickable on Terra Station and other versions based on Terra Station that incorporated the code - all other links that would have been clickable are hidden by default - although PR 202 does attempt to catch situations with non-clickable links while also not catching legitimate proposal text.

Just some thoughts if they are helpful.

I hope that helps a little bit, and that you have a great day :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply, so just to be clear we still need spam link detection at L1 level?

I havent read that old proposal as i didnt know it existed, but i will be reading it, as the spam links are still coming in thick and fast. So to my belief something more robust needs implementing by the looks of it.

As for catching legitimate proposal text, it will only be link checking and accepting only an official agora link in the proposal.

Thanks for your help :smiley:

Hi @Lunanauts ,

I am not sure if we need it per se, but if you were going to go further than what has already happened, the L1 layer would be the place that would make it consistent across the board.

You are welcome - I am glad it was helpful (I did not know if it would be or not). I hope you have an awesome day today :slight_smile:

Note: It appears that Interchain Station PR 202 has been closed as a duplicate of Interchain Station PR 251, although PR 251, on a quick review, does not appear to have as robust of pattern matching as PR 202 had, but does provide for link detection similar to what PR 122 provided.

Great idea but instead of blocking it entirely. Let the scumbag scammers press “post” on the proposal and have all their LUNC taken immediately to be put towards either the community pool or burn wallet.
That way they wonder where their proposal went…and are burned by loosing their LUNC anyways.

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Every proposal should be signed by initiator. Unsigned proposals should be eliminated off the bat to discourage shenanigans wishing to disrupt LUNC progress. As a community, we want to see positive progress and stop useless proposals.

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