How to Stop Creation of scam proposals on Terra Station


To update Terra station JS code to check for the following If the proposal Description and or Title input box or textarea contains the following If any links doesn’t contain then the proposal cannot be created.


Many Scam proposal are being created that many new members of the community are clicking on and are losing their staked LUNC and potentially other coins held in their wallets. By doing this we would be limiting the potential for scam proposals to be created with links to as low as possible, thereby protecting the community and users.


On Submit button click the following fields Title and Description will be check for links to other sites other than if a Link to another site is found the proposal will not be created and an alert prompt will show identifying that proposals will Links to other sites other than cannot be created.


I have submitted a pull request (Add modal popup for external (non-Terra) links contained in governance proposal descriptions by esoderquist · Pull Request #121 · terra-money/station · GitHub) to the terra-money/station GitHub repo, which implements similar functionality in Terra Station to that which you describe. Essentially, any link outside the terra ecosystem will display a message reinforcing the importance of not supplying a seed phrase, etc. to untrusted endpoints.
I feel this approach reasonably walks the line between not censoring proposals, while educating users as to the importance of not releasing sensitive information.