Big guys voting for No

Look at the Terra 2.0 vote results for now. Although there are many yes votes all of their shares are small. On the other hand those who vote for No have bigger voting power than all of the yes voters.

Big guys know something, they don’t want this. Why don’t you show them the burn and remedy proposal? Oh wait, I forgot you hid it… Ssshhh ,:shushing_face: keep quiet :zipper_mouth_face: they must not know this, right?


bro delete your account

sell your $20 of $LUNA and donate it

drink Clorox

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Let’s form a community against plan v2.

Does it make any difference whether there is a fork or not? The money we lost cannot be recovered for Years to come…

Burning under normal circumstances will not help either. We burnt about 10 million coins from total supply the last few days and added about 500 billion coins to circulation. Now to bring it back to a billion or so will take 20-30 years if nothing goes wrong unless a prominent investor buys back 10000-2000 billion coins and burn overnight