Building a strong community on Reddit

Hey folks,

As Terra has grown to new heights and the community has become more and more important. We already have a strong presence on Twitter and Telegram, however, we are missing out on the Reddit front. This subreddit r/TerraLuna can be turned to an official Terra-run subreddit, or a community-run subreddit in support with Terra team.

The subreddit r/TerraLuna is almost ~1k members and attracts daily ~50 new members without any marketing. It’s all organic.

Given that recent Dogecoin and GME scenario —where it showed the true power of small investors and Reddit— I firmly believe the Terra team should work on that because Reddit’s impact on the crypto community can’t be ignored.

Link to the subreddit:

So, what do you say, community folks?


cc: @dokwon


We’ll add it to the official page.


Thank you, @dokwon. That’s great.

Could we also do an announcement on all our social media accounts (Twitter, Telegram, Discord) so that more Terra folks become aware that we are on Reddit and participate in discussions?

Hey, this is great. Reddit can probably alleviate some of the FAQ problems in TG. Why are there two subs though? Any communication between you guys and terra_luna_crypto?

Yes, we sure can prepare some wikis for FAQ.

The other sub r/terra_luna_crypto doesn’t sound like a good subreddit name compared to simple r/terraluna. No, they haven’t reached out to us yet.

However, now that r/terraluna is officially added to page, we’re going to be a more active community on Reddit.

This is really great proposal. I am active on reddit and happy to see Terra is finally on Reddit too.

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