[Call to Action] Veto Kwon's Revival Plan and Whitelist the BURN and REMEDY Proposal

Despite the huge amount of interest in the BURN and REMEDY proposal ([Proposal] BURN and REMEDY fee with each LUNA transaction 💊 [PART I]), someone with ties to the TLF decided to blacklist the proposal in favor of making it seem like the fork is the only way forward. Anyone who hasn’t kept up with this forum and only looks at Terra Station will think that a fork is the only option moving forward.

Despite so many reasons why a fork would fail and so many alternative proposals provided, Kwon does not want to listen and keep doing what he thinks is right. So the only thing left to do is hinder his path forward and use our overwhelming size to get him to listen. Here’s what you can do:

If Kwon truly thinks that Terra is truly more than UST, that Terra’s value is its community, then he would have actually listen to our concerns. Otherwise, we will make him listen.


It’s been removed 2-3x already!

its looking rigged in Doh’s favour :neutral_face:


validators. Be with the community.


I dont know why fork we lost almost everything

Vote is UP
I already vote NO

Its all up to the community and validators.