Wluna post crash

Hi all. I bought wluna on coinbase post crash. Its sitting in coinbase at no value hardly but if i look in coinbase wallet (buy/transfer from coinbase) its quite a lot higher. Can i do anything with this please or forget it?

Are there any options please.?

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks simon.

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You can send it to your Coinbase wallet and from there send it to your terra station wallet via terra website portal if it is working. It will turn your wluna into regular Lunc. Just make sure you are using correct wallet. It’s not the same for Lunc as for Luna 2.0. From that point can put it on another exchange and sell it. Not sure if Coinbase lets you convert to a different crypto currency still but would have to be in regular Coinbase not pro version to do so if you want to keep it in Coinbase and not transfer and pay gas fees.


I also have TerraUSD in coinbase. I also see a higher $$ value when viewing my UST balance from within the coinbase wallet (under transfer preview). I think we are seeing the price of Wluna and TerraUSD from May 27, when coinbase initialy suspended.

If we transfer to coinbase wallet our terra assets, i bet we see the current exchange price.

I plan to transfer to CB wallet, and then to terra-station as well.

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Did you get anywhere tesseract… Cool name btw

Thx. : ) I have a tiny pending balance on CoinBase, holding me up, which clears today. After that, I can transfer to a CB wallet, for a low fee.

I’ll do a test transfer from CB to terra-station, and send folks a status. (Note: The transfer preview seems to accept my terra network wallet addr).

So when you do the transfer from cb to cb wallet did you use. Send, receive, trade buttons or buy or transfer from coinbase or elsewhere button.

For some reason my wallet wants more money to carry out the transfer than the sctual amount i want to transfer.

Yes, from the “Buy or transfer” on main page of CB wallet, select “Buy or Transfer from CoinBase”.

Then, after I select coins from coinbase and after entering the transfer amount, i get an “Add Payment Method” dialog: “None of your funding methods will cover this transaction”.

In my case, this error occurs because i have a pending balance, from a deposit a week ago, that needs to clear coinbase, so that my available balance meets or exceeds the amount i want to transfer.

I wonder if you are possibly seeing the same thing?

I’ve tried adding a credit card, or reducing the transfer amount, in order to cover the transfer fees, but coinbase refuses it until my $20 outstanding balance clears by jun 2. Money is not loose like it use to be. So i wait.

Great info thanks… Im exactly the same to the letter but i have nothing outstanding. Cheers

I was able to transfer UTS from my coinbase exchange app into my coinbase wallet. I accomplished this by using the app home page “send” button, instead of the "buy or transfer " Ui in the wallet.

This method uses the typical copy and paste of the receiving address of the wallet, into the coinbase app “send” address.

Note that in my case, when fetching the UST recieve address from the coinbase wallet, i had to choose the Terra Classic Wormhole USTC) option. This delivered wrapped UST to my coinbase wallet.

In your case, Wluna can be received as Wrapped Luna Classic (WLUNAC)

The fee for my UST transfer was only $5, payment of which was deducted from my wallet UST.

I now have wrapped UST in my coinbase wallet, which i can now either swap or transfer elsewhere.

Hope this help…

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Hi. Really appreciate your time and help on this. Im Still struggling with it a bit. I want to get this right obviously. So i followed what you did. Send on cb etc. I have code luna although its wrapped. But do i go for Luna, Wluna or Wlunc please. I tried all 3 earlier and it wanted more luna in fee than im transferring. I was transferring 52k and it wanted 69k to do it network fee. At the bottom of screen it also said ÂŁ12 pounds. Sorry to bug you with this. Regards simon.

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What you ask is truly the vexed question of these times: Where to move classic terra.

Recap: We recovered our Luna/UST, from limbo on the CB exchange, to the CB wallet, as Etherium Wrapped tokens, wluna/wust, classic. At this point, we can sell these tolens OR move them to another wallet, OR to terra-station. (Granted, we should have converted and moved to terra-station before May 27th, in order to have participated in the airdrop).

If onward to terra-station, it seems we will need to “unwrap” our coins into naked Luna/UST onto the Classic Network on terra-station. To do this, I BELIEVE we can use the terra bridge https://classic-bridge.terra.money/.

(Note: We could post a “help plz” to Support for a primer on using the bridge with our CB wallets).

Once our coins are on terra-station, the coins should be in the best position for what may come next…

I see several possibilities. First, imho, i see folks owning terra classic as holders of terra debt. If we purchased after May 9, we have been buying up this debt for either 1. A stake in terra v2 (airdrop), 2. As a claim to any settlements from future lawsuits, or 3. As discounted paper to sell back to the terra community for their future plans.

The community seems to be split: Burn to eliminate deflated value, swap to luna v2, or rebuild the terra ecosystem for a Classic rebirth

I continue to hope that the terra community will rally and find a way to somehow pool the debt that investers are holding and leverage terra classic into something that could help restore those who have suffered horrific losses.

I am a newbee here, i welcome any guidance.

Until then we wait…

Getting to the 1st stage would be a start. I wonder if i need to fund the cb wallet as it says i dont have sufficient funds to complete transfer. Its confusing because it says cb fee 0, network fee luna 69800 (changes every time i try) then ÂŁ14 gbp at the notton of screen. This also changes. Still unsure whether to receive luna, wluna or wlunc though also. Once i transger to cb wallet i can look at next stage. Thanks.

Wluna on the coinbase exchange should transfer directly to the coinbase wallet as wlunac with fairly low gas fees. Once transfered, it will live on the cb wallet as wluna (etherium wrapped luna). If you try purchasing a little etherium on coinbase exchange to cover the gas, you will have to wait a week for the deposit to clear, (Thats how my uts got stuck there, an amateur mistake).

I tried using the cb wallet to instigate a transfer from the cb exchange, and the fee seem astronomical…maybe because the exchange rate of lunac is so volatile. So i just pushed my coins from the cb exchange to the cb wallet, via send.

As for the receiving coin on the wallet, wluna is the same a wlunac. Both are wrapped. I think luna on the cb wallet is the not luna v2, but also wlunac. Wlunac should work.

We can unwrap our wustc or wlunac using the classic terra bridge later.

I am going to hold, in my cb wallet, my wlunac and wustc until things settle down, and then promptly move them off of coinbase.

I am heartened by the community posts, about reorganizing and rebuilding the platform and coinage. I hope to stake and rebuild with them as soon as possible :pray:

Hi. I have ethereum on there cb app thats the weird thing. I have tried so many times now each with same result. Tried just now using send on cb app then receive on wallet app. Both on phone. Im sending 52k and the network fee is 45k plus 7.89 gbp. Again on the app (cb wallet) i try to add a funding method but it wont accept business cards. Not much else i can do. Thats what i use. I dont get why its so hard to send from one part of cb to another part of cb.

You are right. It should’nt be this difficult! Maybe you could try another receiving wallet, metamask, or crypto.com defi wallet or another exchange (kucoin, ftx, etc)…

Ideally I’d push to terra-station, but cb choked when i tried using my terra… address. Have you tried pushing to terra-station wallet?

Maybe you can post a message under Support" with a title "help, how i can’t move my wluna off of the coinbase exchange. What is a recomended wallet and proceedure? "

Sorry i haven’t been able to help you more my friend… :pensive:

Thats really cool and i thank you so much for all the time you have spent helping me out. It has been a big help actually. Thanks again.

Good luck and kind regards