LUNC Burn Flip - Flip a coin burn LUNC

LUNC Burn Flip is a Decentralized Application that aims to gamify the burn of LUNC. It is a simple game where users place a double-or-nothing bet as a coin toss with LUNC on the Terra Blockchain and have 1:1 odds or 50% odds of success. Every time the game is played 2% of the LUNC is burned.

The game has programmed a 2% Burn fee from which the collected LUNC tokens are burned immediately. In the event that a player loses, their full bet size (less the burn fee) is deposited into the pool. If they win the fees are applied to the total amount that they receive.

Every time a player plays the game, a fraction of LUNC is burned forever — no matter the outcome. This decreases the market supply of the LUNC token and in principle, is a small step towards price appreciation.

The project does not rely on a single person and in doing so speaks to the ethos of a trustless system where a community determines the blockchain’s future.

Our vision is to play our part in contributing to the burn and also to spark a new influx of builders to come to the chain and not only bring the network back to its former glory but to surpass it!


I just tried it out, thanks for this nice game.
You could maybe clearly write what are the min Lunc to be sent to play (is it 1000?)

Awesome! Happy to hear you like it. Yeah 1000 is minimum

for anyone who wants to know how to play :point_down:

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How simple and innovative!
I think we every $LUNC holder should support these kind of innovative projects which are helping to increase the burning rate!
Btw just doubled my $LUNC by choosing tails :)) I’m gonna try heads for the next time

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Worth a shot! Pretty fun game and glad to burn LUNC

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Idea… why not have the same dapp for Ustc? More burning!

100% we are looking at adding it thanks for the feedback!

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I can not wrap Lunc I have no idea why, my wallet is connected and I have enough Lunc

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