Clarifications about LUNC and LUNA(LUNA 2.0)?

Good afternoon everyone!

I have some doubts about the Terra Network rebirth plan.

1 - According to the proposal pending approval, will the LUNA asset be named LUNC and will it continue to be normally traded with exchanges according to current standards? Its holders will keep the asset in their wallets and will be able to continue trading it with the new LUNC code, is that it?

2 - Will the LUNA code be used to trade the LUNA 2.0 asset, which will be launched on 05/27/2022, with the assets being distributed among the community as set out in the proposal under approval?

3 - Will LUNA holders until the time of migration of the asset to LUNC need to make the choice between keeping the asset LUNC or migrating to the asset LUNA na genesis? Or will they remain with the 02 (two) assets in their portfolios, having the fractions that concern them in the new distribution of the new LUNA asset (LUNA 2.0) and maintaining their current positions in LUNC?

4 - If there is a need to choose between 01 (one) of the 02 (two) assets, what are the procedures that must be adopted by LUNA holders to choose one of these assets?

I appreciate everyone’s attention and I sincerely ask that someone can answer my questions in a concrete way, as it will clarify many doubts to the whole community, remembering that not all investors have technical knowledge in programming and computer languages ​​to be offered an extremely technical answer and that your understanding is not available to everyone.


Luiz Alberto Barros

They don’t explain anything. You’ll understand after you’ve lost everything.

  1. I remember DK commenting that we can change the ticker as we vote for, it doesn’t have to be LUNC. As for exchange listing it’s up to the exchanges. I assume they’ll keep LUNC if the volumes are high though, why not. As for non-custodial wallets yes you can keep them indefinitely.
  2. If you meant he acronym/ticker LUNA yes, Luna will be the new network. The old one will be Lunc.
  3. No. By definition airdrops don’t do this. If this was needed it would be called a swap. If you want to read about swaps, you can read about DVPN swaps or Smartland swaps, they are projects that did swaps in the past or are still doing them.
  4. No need to choose.


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