The latest news: LUNA bifurcates, and the proposal of issuing new coins in LUNA community is 80% approved, and the new LUNA is coming out soon

The latest news: luna is bifurcated, and the proposal of issuing new coins in luna community is 80% passed, and a new version of luna will be published soon.
Luna has been divided into LUNC and luna. LUNC is a classic of LUNA, and the former LUNA was called LUNC. The new LUNA continues to use the name Luna, which is commonly known as luna 2.0.

How to buy, how to get: Airdrop according to a certain proportion, as long as you have luna tokens or UST tokens in the corresponding wallet.
How to operate it? Because many people buy LUNA on the exchange. After the vote, look at the deal. There is no announcement that the new luna will be airdropped to you. An, K and other first-line exchanges. There should be a corresponding announcement to airdrop the new moon to you. If the small exchange is worried, it can put coins into Terra’s wallet Terra station, and then wait for the snapshot of the project party to be airdropped.

At present, the scheme of token issuance has also come out, and small partners who hold LUNA can collect their own new LUNA tokens when they are created.

The distribution principle of tokens: 30% of community holdings are managed by pledge, 10% to community developers, and 35% to holders before LUNA attack. Luna will give you a snapshot before the attack, including the mortgage.
30% of wallets below 1W will be given to you when they open, and the remaining 70% will be given to you one after another within two years; If it’s a wallet under 100W luna, I’ll give you the rest of the money in two years. Wallets larger than 100W will be cleared in four years.

Before the attack, UST holders get 10%, and after the attack, Luna holders also get 10%. If you bought luna at a low price after the attack, you can also take a snapshot, including the current mortgage. After being attacked, UST holders will also get 15%.

How to define before and after the attack: Before 23: 00 on May 7, 2022, your snapshot belonged to the person before the attack, and after the attack it was 3:59 on May 27, 2022.
That is, if you hold UST or Luna in the exchange now, you can mention your wallet, and the project party will take a snapshot on the chain. Will announce when the snapshot can see the switch. When the creation block of the project is sent out on May 27th, the airdrop coins will be sent to you directly together with the token distribution scheme.
The above information is for reference only.

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It’s a pity that the new Luna can’t be recognized by large exchanges, its value will be 0


People holding wrapped LUNA on coinbase, would they need to swap those to Luna or they can keep holding and an airdrop will be coordinated with coinbase?

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so what is this “new” luna worth? is it $0.00000000001? trash token?


I can understand why the devs and moderators call some of the posters here cockroaches and moon-boys. It really is like an alternate reality. Some of us actually are caught in purgatory, and are attempting to salvage a bad situation. I hope the dev/mods understand this.