Let's talk about the merge (No Proposal)

Hi Lunatics,

I am a new member but I have been active in Terra Luna for a couple of years for the first time I find myself writing here with you and I am very pleased to participate in this community. This conversation is owned by everyone and I have decided to open this discussion with the intention of starting a healthy debate on the MERGE situation because it seems very confusing from twitter and all social networks and I don’t want two communities to get scared and end up hurting themselves.

I don’t have a very clear idea about the advantages and disadvantages,
if like me you don’t have a clear and sincere opinion on how things are and you want to learn more about the topic, leave a like or a comment to follow the conversation

I hope we can create a positive meeting point for everyone.



Hey buddy. For starters I am no expert and I too would like to learn more about the subject from the community.

My understanding is there is no merge in the sense of LUNC and LUNA becoming one coin, at least such a merge is not in active consideration.

The talk I believe is about the Merge Protocol which is said to be released shortly after IBC opens likely in December or January.

The protocol will reward users for swapping their $LUNC into $LUNA by paying them extra DEX incentives for the provision of long term liquidity.

So what this means for LUNC exactly? Not sure honestly. Does this reduce LUNC supply?


Why for merge?
thief cheat terra team left lunc to form new luna, what you want to merge with stealers?
We want justice payback and [email protected] for thiefs all terra workers dont runnjustice if you innocent :tada:

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I agree, I don’t want to join a group of scammers. Thanks for the reply, I don’t know what to think and prefer to get a more complete idea. I like the idea of two different tokens but I’m afraid it’s too scattered, that’s all, I’m bullish on Lunc and I don’t have any LUNA (only those from the vesting period)

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Hey, thanks for your reply!!

We are here to get an idea,

I understood that he would not go directly to reducing the supply but in reality some comments spoke of reducing both supplies. So I really don’t know.

I’ve also heard about the merge protocol that is said to be released sometime after January.

  • The protocol will reward users who exchange their $LUNCs for $LUNAs by paying them additional DEX incentives for providing long-term liquidity. - if anyone can confirm would that be perfect??

One crazy idea I’ve read was that destroying one of the two tokens gives you the reference token for the Terra chain, but I think this is a bullshit.

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this is totally a way of laundering scammers if something like this happens you have to ask for your old balance back. and for stablecoin payback 1:1 its ok


OK, let’s not get fooled!

Hi Bro, we can always talking and must be done even / lunc still going down, we must rise from its knees.

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Don’t worry, we are not here to give up!

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Keep it up BRO !

A quick plan is here:

Burn Address: terra1sk06e3dyexuq4shw77y3dsv480xv42mq73anxu

This is nothing dont burn yourself lunc, scammers left peoject and exchanges earn bigmoney this coin, we made tax fee burn system and back to earn payback. Need long time

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I am doing what I can to raise LUNC, it needs our support most now. The rebels don’t give a shit, as usual, they don’t even want to talk about it because they are lavishing their props and waiting for manna from heaven. As you can see what I am doing is working !



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You’re right, there are dogs that don’t care about Lunc.
So here we are and we are who want to build and improve.
In my opinion there will be great stories about Terra Luna

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First of all, it withdraws small donations and small staking for TR. I’m going to run a program that will take their keys sooner or later. At some point I was going to leave completely but I know how many valuable members the LUNC community has, members who have been kicked out and don’t even come here. A few validators have usurped the rights to the property of the community. Let’s stick together and support TFL station not TR. Sooner or later the community will wake up and come with us. Then everything will be simple and you will be able to build real value for years. Currently, these are the cards for market speculators. I do not defend anyone from using speculative coins and earning. I do it myself but I want LUNC to be on top again, I want it to grow together with its community that deserves a real comeback. Because no one has a community like LUNC!


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