Luna Airdrop


Has anyone received airdrop from

I am yet to receive mine. I noticed they have resumed trading for Luna Classic today but Luna is still not showing in the list.

Has anyone received Airdrop? If so anyone on

Thank you

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I alwo have not seen any airdrop from still waiting. has executed the airdrop. I have got mine and the amount of Luna2 I received is correct.

Check your wallets.

May be you bought it after 7th of May

I bought at different phases… May be the Airdrop I received is for one of the many transactions on my account? Or its 30% of the total Airdrops i am expecting

It has always been finalized at 30% unlocked at genesis and 70% vested over two years. So you should see the first 30% now.

I have both pre and post attack.


So if my understanding is correct… I received 30% now

And remaining 70% periodically?

Or is it going to be one off Airdrop after 2 years?

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It should be one-off within the two years of vesting. At least that is what I understand from the proposal.

Further to the above, I have only observed the mentioning of Stage 1 and Stage 2 airdrop. Stage 1 refers to the initial 30% airdrop.

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