I haven’t received Luna2.0

I haven’t received anything from the airdrop. I had Luna before attack and I bought more after attack. Granted I am not a large investor. I have waited to ask this to make sure that all the ones that did have a lot invested got paid out first. However it’s been a while now and I still have not received anything for airdrop.

I had my coins in trust wallet at first snapshot. Had my newly purchased coins after attack in Binance and then trust wallet. Moved them all to terra station on the 27th of may because there was a lot of discussion about it needing to be there. Now it is still on terra station. Can someone please help?

Thank you

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Could you please tell if you have Luna in trustwallet wallet is on Terra Network?
If yes then please provide the Terra address.

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It’s now on terra station. As of 27th of May

Please tell me the following things when you bought the Luna, and if you have Luna in trustwallet then on which network you held it?

Hi I also did not receive the airdrop. I had it on chain on Terra Station since the 17th of May.

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Everyone got paid out at the same time. Please check the eligibility requirements below.

The airdrop snapshots were taken at the following blocks:
Block 7790000 (2022–05–26 16:38:08 UTC)
Block 7544910 (2022–05–07 14:59:37 UTC)
Your LUNA/UST needed to be in your Terra wallet (or on participating exchanges) prior to these blocks to be included in the snapshot.

Airdrops were calculated at the following ratios:
aUST 0.01827712143
LUNA 1.034735071

UST 0.02354800084
LUNA 0.000015307927

If the airdrop amount was to be less than 1 Luna, it went to the community pool.
For example 20,000 LUNC x 0.000015307927 = 0.3 Luna, so no airdrop.

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Holy shit, really? It’s impossible for anyone who bought between the depeg and $1 with $20k USD or less to get 1 Luna airdropped…

Sorry buddy, but no drop in this case.

Pre attack I had about 9 Luna
Post attack 2.15 million luna
So by the equation I should be getting about 41 luna but have received nothing as of yet

On the terra chain? What’s your terra____ address. They should be on the Mainnet network, not Classic.

Excuse me, luna airdrop, does the number of your airdrops include the pledge after the airdrop? Except for the pledge after the airdrop.

I am not sure what you are asking.

You got 30% of your total airdrop at the launch, the next lot of the 70% will start unlocking in 6 months.

Yeah my Luna was on the terra chain. It’s on Luna classic now but I still don’t have any airdrop for Luna 2.0 chain.
Do you want all addresses I had Luna on at time of snapshots? Or just current address?

well it doesn’t matter which wallet you have now, the airdrop would go to the terra address you had it on the time of the snapshots. so we can have a look at those

Sure thing and thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Trust wallet




Terra station


I am pretty sure at time of both snapshots I had it at Trust Wallet. However I tried to move to terra station at time of second snapshot as I had been told it needed to be there

Yep you have received the airdrop on your Trust Wallet address - Terra Finder. As Trust wallet doesn’t have the new Terra chain on it, to access them you will need to recover the wallet in Terra Station (with your trust wallet seed phrase).

As for Binance - I can’t do anything with that Binance address as everyone has the same address on Binance.

Reminder, all private messages are scams!

Guys what a bout bLuna holders. Did they recieved any Airdrops?

Thank you very much for checking. Really appreciate it :upside_down_face:


On which network, you have been holding bLUNA?

It was in Anchor protocol. i’ve requested on 10 of May to unbond it and did not recieved a penny.