I haven't received the airdrop yet

On May 25, I transferred about 50000 LUNA from Binance to my terra station wallet. However until now, I have not received airdrops on the new mainnet. Does anyone know why?


Not enough to get an airdrop

Are you aware of the different networks the two coins are on? If you are only looking at the same view as your LUNA Classic then you need to select the ‘mainnet’ network instead of the ‘classic’. There’s a navigation menu icon of a globe on the top right of the UI. The airdrop was deposited on the mainnet chain.

Yes, I know. But I still haven’t received any LUNA on the new mainnet.

My address is terra1y28v5lftcy78twkk8eex3nksxvxsgytq5elc78

You can check my transactions on Terra Finder:

As I said. You didn’t have enough Luna to get an airdrop.

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Maybe this will save everyone a whole lot of time. For everyone who held LUNC post attack and met eligibility requirements, here’s what you get. For every 65372 LUNC you get 1 LUNA2.0. But wait it gets better. You actually get 30% of 1 immediately, rest in 2.5 years. So in my case I held 345818 LUNC for which I got 5.29 LUNA2.0 of which 1.58 was available now. Im not going to be anywhere near ANY terra project in 2+ years time so what it boiled down to at time of writing is about $10 for 345818 LUNC held post attack. My advice if you were a post attack holder, quit worrying about whether or not you made the snapshot, had it in the right place at the right time, even the guy with 8M LUNC, you’re looking at $236 right now. Its time to pump LUNC, get it to .10, sell, and get the f*** out.

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Has anyone on Binance actually received their airdrop yet?

Got mine!

I didn’t receive the aidrop
I moved all my post-attack token to Terra wallet brefore the 27/05 but nothing received


Please can you verify?

You didn’t have enough $LUNC to qualify for an airdrop.

Where is written the minimum amount?

Note: If the final allocation of new LUNA to the address is less than 1 LUNA, the airdrop will be allocated to the community pool.

This is not written in the PASSED PROPOSAL
It’s a theft

I have I small question I bought lunc on bsc on metamask and then got scared when I saw I didn’t get my airdrop send it to terrastation and then found out I can send it it to binance is there anyway I can still get my airdrop or did i just f up now im kore fucked i think i sold my lunc i bought luna can i stil get my airdrop with thr hash or snapshot

Sending it to Binance or to Terra Station would have had the same result, so no harm done.

BSC Luna is not able to get the airdrop at this stage, but a community pool spend can be voted on in the future (maybe a few weeks away) to airdrop for bridged assets.