CryptoCom : Listing/Airdrop not completed yet

Just thought I’ll share this out for those who are trading on I am majorly on app.

I have contacted tech support and the reply I got was that the exchange is still working things out with Terra regarding the listing and airdrop. Specifically from, the support team does not have any indications that the airdrop has been completed.

I suspect whoever on like myself have not seen any airdrop at all. Neither can you find Luna 2.0 listed on yet. If you’re reading on completion from some media outlets, just know that “complete” isn’t really complete.

If you have any new information, feel free to share.

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Yes, also trade in and came to exactly the same conclusions. In addition, there is also the fact that it is currently not possible to work with Luna Classic on I’m curious how it goes on :man_shrugging:

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Cryptocom user too. I have both Kucoin & cryptocom. Cot my tokens in Kucoin right away (less than what I thought I would vet) but nothing on cryptocom

They have frozen transactions and transfered old tokens to LUNC but no new coins yet.

Meanwhile I’m stuck holding and can’t trade anything while prices fall.

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I was actually thinking should unfreeze the trading of LUNC since the snapshot has already been taken. Not like it still matters if we continue to buy/sell from perspective.

Trading of LUNC on has resumed.

Still a work in progress for

New LUNA (LUNA2) Airdrop

Subject to’s successful receipt of the Terra project team’s issuance of LUNA2 tokens, we will facilitate the distribution of the new Terra 2.0 token (LUNA2) to all eligible users. The eligibility criteria and distribution details will follow in a separate announcement.

Is anything already known about the airdrop distribution within Now that “Lunc” can be traded again and “Luna” has been listed?!

Best wishes

Apparently nothing yet. I read that plenty of users are also questioning on Twitter.