to luna station

Does anyone knows the steps to withdraw Luna from Crypto_com exchange to Luna Station wallet?

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Check if supports Terra withdrawals, if yes then you can send directly to Terra wallet but if it does then send Luna to Erc20 wallet then send it to Terra wallet through the Terra Bridge

Why bother, unless you have significant number pre-attack , the new allocation of the new coin is very insignificant.

I have 13mil post attack

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I have 11 mils post-attack in Crypto com…do I need to move my coins from Crypto com to TErra Station to be part of Snapshot? or any other way to be part of snapshot ??

I need help to claim my Luna Airdrop as i was holding lot of Luna terra tokens before the event and now also i hold more than 10 milllion tokens
Kindly help as lot of confusion

@chakri99terra @RupeshLu would be good for you to hold Luna or UST on Terra Station wallet.

Hi, Has anyone managed to transfer from cryptocom to terra station. I have tried ro transfer a small amount but 4hrs later it still shows as pending on cryptocom and nothing is showing in terra station. Thank you


Hey hab gestern Überweisung getätigt hat funktioniert. Erste Test Überweisung war nach 5 min durch Zweite größere Überweisung nach 2 Stunden. Vorrausetzung ist das Wallet adresse bei schon länger als 24 Aktiv ist.:wink: supports the terra network. I have transfered nearly 1M of luna in the last several days, using the transfer/withdrawl button and my terra-station wallet address.
I had a transfer pending today (May 25) for several hours too, but it finally went through. I suspect busy server issues on the terra-station side. Patience may be a virtue for the next couple days!


I am having the same issue. Just made a transfer two hours ago and still showing as pending on CDC.

please help


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I actually just did a withdraw from Crypto_com to my Old and working Terra Station address, but so far nothing got transferred. It’s been almost two hours.

What is going on?


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So i did the first transfer at 8 22pm it finally went theough at 2.44am over 6hrs and i did a second one for the remainder of my balance at 3.56am and it completed at 4.59am just over a hour. Seems theres massive variances in timescales. I contacted cryptocom support when the first one wasnt showing and they advised although most withdrawals are within 2hrs it can take upto 24hrs. They still advised ro test a small amount lf its the first time to make sure everything is correct.
Hope all yours complete soon!!

So, I have 5.5 million Luna, do I need to transfer, or can Inleave in Cryptocom app? What are pros and cons to transferring out, or leaving in? What should I do? Help this young guy out please, and thank you!


we were talking about moving it because of the airdrop, but the airdrop has ended now so that is now irrelevant.

but it makes sense to hold defi coins in a private wallet rather than centralised exchanges! not your keys, not your crypto, as they say :slight_smile:

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