Delegate Error: failed to execute message

Voting at this time is more important than ever. Received this message when attempting to appoint a delegate. Windows OS, Desktop Terra. Note: Redacted my holdings from image.

Vote on the solution!


staking is stopped right now you can’t stack

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Also means you can’t delegate. Should we have a delegation method that forgoes staking? For circumstances such as what is currently experienced? And when staking is resumed, what is delegated auto-resumes staking.


I been having same issue for days.

How will we be able to vote in upcoming elections?


I put it up for a governance vote:

This is why it’s important for the community to stake throughout the chain’s existence prior to crisis.
Read the error, you are not at the right block height. Here is a clue: Merge pull request #63 from cosmos/bez/patch-chain-security-staking · terra-money/[email protected] · GitHub

So people and more importantly, malicious actors could not takeover the chain cheaply. Ie. Those that bought luna @ 0.00x … are not able to vote and takeover the chain diluting existing legitimate stakers and validators especially pre-depeg.

Many pre-event holders, like me, kept LUNA/UST at a CEX, and only became involved when our investments tanked. That’s why the fork idea will end in endless litigation, because the true believers of the project DCAd, and held all the way to these levels. Now many want to vote on the fix. Too bad it is cheap. Nothing is preventing anyone from buying today.

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And that’s why you support the proof of stake network with custody and controlling who you delegate to on-chain. Holding on a CEX; not your keys, not your coins. For a decade this is crypto101 knowledge. Tough luck, too bad.

Where does this “fork means litigation” narrative come from? :wink:
The true believers can be separated from emotional gamblers via mathematics at certain blockheights depending on the collaterisation ratio between the native assets (LUNA/UST). Read/translate this and educate yourself to determine the category:

It will be even cheaper if forked or a ghost chain. I suppose I’ve identified your agenda :smiley:

You can’t have it both ways. You can’t leverage the power of a CEX through marketing and liquidity, and then act like an oligarchy when things fall apart. The adage of “not your keys, not your coins”, not going to work when a lot of people died. All because someone gave the approval:

“Billionaires in my following, go ahead, see what happens”

Right now, people can not delegate for proposals that make sense, e.g. fork vs. no fork. Thus the voting power of the buyers and supporters has been nullified. The damage is already done.

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And you can’t expect to hostile takeover a chain in the same vein effectively giving the middle finger to those stakers & validators who actually supported running the network for multiple years. Familiarise with PoS and move on, it’s over.

This is you, just interacting with the chain now. Where were you before?

You can fool fools’, but not more. Thanks and good luck in voting :smiley:

Been holding for a long time. Just getting involved now because the kids blew the sh*t up. We will see. History will prove one of us correct.

FYI: The smartest of the smart over at defunct LTCM almost took down the global financial market, until the FED stepped in. History will rhyme here.

Will that make you the fool of the fool’s fool? Good luck my friend :slight_smile:


I want to know your thoughts. Where is this thing going? What do you think will happen? Where will it end? The community is having a hard time understanding dokwon. What he wants doesn’t work for us, but who cares?

The system seems rigged imo. If it is not a desirable plan by the few, it gets pushed to the back and hidden from the masses.

I was going to try to send you a message but your setti gs don’t allow it. Had a question I wanted to ask you about Terra Station itself. If you can send me a message