If you really going for a fork then you should do the snapshot before the last halt.

There are many people who bought after your twit on the 11TH May.

Your tweet was getting close, stay strong.

That tweet really meant you were close to recover this mess.

That could motivate someone and many people belive into you.

Now you are making us compete against people who holds billions of tokens now?

It’s only fair if you put people into 35% category before the last halt!

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Even if you get 1000 tokens in the airdrop? What will be the price of these 1000 tokens? Will it ever reach $10?

How are you going to get 1000 tokens if you bought Luna after the depeg ? There are trillions of coins and in the redistribution only 10% of coins are distributed to trillions of Luna’s. You can be happy if you get 1 full new Luna v2.