3 Snapshots NEEDED for the People who tried rescuing LUNA | Before 1st/2nd Halt

People who bought during 8th to 12th May are literally suffering so much.

First proposal seems to cover that then he changed.

I am not against changing and giving the people who bought and buying now after circulations becomes trillions because everyone deserve same.

But what about those people who bought during the attack his last tweet on May 11 looked assuring saying he had a plan and told to stay strong?

Price was still high at that point and supply was relatively low compare to now.

First proposal was to snapshot on the last halt.

It should be have been remained that way.

Or maybe instead of taking to two snapshots three snapshots needed.

1-People who bought before the attack ( as they deserve it)

2-People who bought during the attacks (8 to 12 May before the last halt, we deserve something to as price was still high at that point and supply was at 10B max do kwon really need to cover us as we can not be covered with 6.9T supply as at that point price was high )
3-people who bought after the halt and buying now (they also deserve it)

So I think its not fair for people who bought during the attack thinking it will somehow recover and his tweets were reassuring.

And whoever telling to buy now, not everyone has money as you,and don’t say its our fault for buying at that price.

As his tweets seemed it would recover from that point.

Snapshot before the last halt really needed right now.


+1 since do kwon is tweet that also


Dude you copy pasted me lol.

But yes we need justice


There should be two snapshot before the halt and after the halt if you don’t want to make it fair.

Three type of people in this community.

*Group of people before the attack
*Group of people during the attack before the last halt.
*Group of people after resuming the halt.

We need fair distributions.

People who bought after 7th may to the last halt 12 th may raise your voice…


I don’t see the majority of these people as trying to rescue Luna but the point is still fair that multiple snapshots need to be taken. Check out my proposal to remove Do Kwon due to his incompetence.


100 % agree with that!

Btw there is a typo in your phrase you probably meant “if you want to make it fair.”


How can we have a say about this? how this is not the default proposal, this is the only thing that seems fair.


Many people bought in the first and second price bounce, when Terra’s reserves were sold.
It would not be fair to the people who bought in the first fall even more for those who bought in more than 0.6 when everything looked like it was going to recover the peg 1:1 and then fell. so the fair date would be when the network decided to make the halt.

That halt signal told the community that something was happening so it would not be fair to take a date of an attack that the community did not know about.

I propose take “pre-attack” snapshot when the Terra blockchain was officially halted at a block height of 7603700 or better select 3 groups like you proposal


This right here.

I hope our voices are heard.


i buy 11th with price 3.6$ and 12th price 0.6$ ! lost 4200$ >.<


I agree with the posted at the top. People on May 12 (early hours especially) like myself bough in when the supply < 10 Billion coins. Our anticipate was that this was a going to recover and we did not know there was inflation present at this time. This was realize later once the the inflation rate picked up a lot. We paid a lot more for our coins that people who bought when the market cap was 6.5 trillion. It makes sense to account for this correctly.


Yes, what kind of pictures are there … just maybe something will return partially. Do you think someone will exchange coins by numbers?), especially on the stock exchange.
Given the situation on the market and in the portfolio, it was a rather reckless move to try to support the project with our pennies during the collapse.

In general, the entire crypto market and the situation in the world suggests that some very rich dregs of humanity with an inferiority complex (which it is simply impossible to spend money on), are simply engaged in sadism and revel in their greatness.
And we are hamsters and Terra got under this wheel (


This compensation proposal is an insult, if I try the calculator with the proposed vote by Do Kwon, I’ll get 0.76 luna and I lost I don’t dare to say how much, before they halted the network.


Ppl getting compensated for selling their luna lmao.
Bt who bought during 8 to 12 ain’t getting sh*t
Investor is investor
If u are giving out to ppl do it properly.
we are same as pre attack ppl we shud get 35% aswel.
we kept the system alive where your investor whom u are compensating now ran away and shorted ur coin in future n telling in social media to short it to gain more profit
Bt we took the risk nd hold it nw we r not getting anything


Why are you people groveling for 35%?

Why are you willing to have your Luna consolidated into fewer Luna with less value?

You should get 1:1 percentage of total supply that you currently own. This doesn’t redistribute wealth like what Do Kwon is proposing.

This allows people who bought pre depeg to get their share of the total supply that they owned prior, as well as post depeg

  • agree

100% agree I can’t believe they leave us out in the category of the 100M distribution pool when the average buyer there is around 0.00003 meanwhile we bought in ranging $40 - 1 how is this even comparable?


I lost all my money in wluna between the price of 1 dollar and 1 cent, when the luna team was calling us to support them trying to save the situation, the height of the humiliation and treachery that I am not compensated fairly, this is an obvious theft, compensation must be done fairly.


Thats what I am saying too.
There has to be a third snapshot around 12 May when Luna went below $1 and a few hours later the trade was halted.
This is important and if Do Kwon and Terra goverance dont support this, they will be in a lot of trouble legally and ethically because:

  • everyone knew price was dropping until 12 May but due to Luna’s relationship with Terra, it is fair to assume that the Luna’s price would not drop below $1.
  • trading was still going on at this time as normal in many exchanges. It was halter a few hours later.

Until this time there needs to be fairer compensation.

Not sure why Do Kwon wont support this. Has he got personal vested interest?


Will snapshots cover people who bought on exchanges? Some of which have UST/LUNA on ETH chain? Coinbase, Gemini, and Binance.US I believe all have UST as just an ERC20. I think exchanges would be willing to work together to properly distribute, but snapshot will need to include UST/LUNA on ETH also.

I bought UST on May 9th and 10th at prices ranging from 0.75 - 0.91. Plan was to move it to Anchor and HODL, but I didn’t do so immediately and still have it on exchange.