Proposal (Distribution)

If you are going with snapshot at 7 th May.

Then you probably re think how tokens should be distributed!

When people bought at 50/60$ the tokens were still 400M I belive then distribute them according to the circulation of that time.

When people bought at 1$ 2$ and so on I belive the supply was around 5 to 10B.

So distribute them according to that supply.

How could you distribute the 10% at the current supply now? Circulations are 6. 5T now.

How could someone compete against that.

And if someone suggesting to buy now, not everyone has money to do so. Just because you have money now you can not just ask people to buy now as not everyone like you.

I am not proposing anything unfair.

IF you bought during the 6.5T tokens supply you should get the 10% according to that.

IF you bought during the 400M supply you should get accorindg to that.

Everyone is equal in that sense!

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As someone who held pre-crash (did buy a little more about 1M lol after crash), I agree with you.

To be more precise, the biggest supporters of the network are the ‘vanilla stakers’ people who staked Luna on Terra Station, and the liquidity providers at Osmosis and Sifchain(and Crescent and the other dexes). But, the project needs new users onboard so DK is proposing an airdrop to them as well.
No need to fight other people over this, though, because TFL/DK will just do what they want, and the dollar value of each person will be truly small in the beginning. Did DK say the supply was 1B? If the launching market cap is 100M (which I’d say won’t be easy) that means $0.1/new luna. If you got 1000, that’s $100 :woman_shrugging:


lol…i bought luna at around 13€ and sold on 9th may for 60€. So i made a lot of money. Do i get it right that i will be gifted now new luna (i should be part of the 35% group right)?

I like but kkinda funnyy

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