What About To Categorize New Luna Holders for a Fair Airdrop?

Writing this topic in addition to @dokwon 's Revival Plan 2

"10% - Luna holders (staking derivatives included) at the “Launch” snapshot - 10% unlocked at genesis, 90% vested over 2 years thereafter "

A lot of people like me tried to help Luna with all of money while luna was dumping hard where it was like $1, $2, $10, $20, $50… We bought Luna while it was hard dumping because Do Kwon was still saying “All is good”… Okay, what i am saying is if a ratio something like 1M:1 can be chosen for the fork, we all will be poor… I have 1K luna and I bought at $10 then $5 and latest my buy is $1… So, my $5K is not even $1 right now. So people can buy 1K luna with pennies right now… So, it is unfair. But I have a plan.

Justice for People who bought Luna above $1.

Determining the fork ratio same for everyone is unfair. There are people who bought at $80, $50, $10, $1, $0.5 and $.000005… So, what am i saying is the rate of increase in supply was not that fast above $1.

  • 100:1 Ratio for the Luna holders before the snapshot “The announce ‘The Terra blockchain was officially halted at a block height of 7603700.’ by the Terra Twitter page. 12 May 2022 15:14 UTC.”

  • 69000:1 Ratio for the Luna holders before the snapshot “The announce ‘The Terra blockchain was officially halted at a block height of 7607789.’ by the Terra Twitter page. 13 May 2022 02:13 UTC.”


Let team know to distribute people according to the current supply they bought at.
If someone bought at 1,2,40,60$ and supply was 400M-10B they would get according to that supply!
Don’t make them compete against 6.15T.
Or snapshot before the halt!


I get that people lose money etc, but you lose you lose. You sold at the bottom when you could have bought more. Don’t be mad at people that come up after you sell your bags and did not take the opportunity to buy more. The risk of LUNA crashing was low but not impossible at ATH’s. It’s like that with any crypto too. This is how money is transferred. People bought coins for $100/coin then it tanked to .00001 they sold instead of buying more.

Not anyones fault a majority of you guys got caught and sold your bags and are demanding that anyone who bought Luna under a $1 not be considered investors. Thats how the market works. You sell, someone else buys. Everyone knows the risk that they can lose their money no matter how stable the assets they are investing in seems.


I am with you. I do not know why investors believe they should be compensated for any reason. I sold at the top. That was my choice. I bought at the bottom. That was my choice. Why do I get penalized because others CHOSE not to act?


Yes! Exactly, that is what i am saying. Please share this everywhere to make everyone see this post, if we dont, no one will see it and we will be who receive the least new luna


this is a good proposal


Yes I agree, please look at this snapshot. On 5/12 the circulating supply was only about 1.462 Billion coins. On 5/13 it was 169 Billion coins. Millions bought on 5/12 and 5/13. The time circulating supply on the date they purchased MUST be taken into account otherwise there stake in Luna V2 is worthless. This must be reflected as an amendment to the Luna V2 redistribution.


What about people who bought after 7TH may.

People who bought solely based on your tweets you kicked them out.

You seem to cover us in the first proposal then you are completely ignoring now.

All the people are equal. You are covering the people who bought before 7th May and after 13 may when circulation jumped to trillions.

But what about the people who bought during 8 to 12 may price was still high and supply was 400M to 10 B at max.

You are compensating the people (i am mot against it) who sold that’s why people bought 8 to 12 may because they sold and they are compensating still

And people who bought at 0.1 to 70$ literraly getting nothing because they bought during 8 to 12 may.

IF you want to make it fair then don’t give everyone everything or do it in a fair manner.

Why it’s hard to understand there are three type of groups.

People who bought before the attack
People who bought during the attack (before the last halt)
People who bought and buying after the last halt resume.

So distribute in a fair manner.

You either do snapshot before the last halt.

Or maybe there should be three snapshot.

On 7th May as proposed.
On 12/13Th May (before the halt)
On 27th May as you proposed.

Everyone would be equal in that sense.

Because most of us who bought during 8 to 12 may literally getting nothing

Or fairly distribute people according to the circulation they bought at…


Support me here;


I also bought at vulnerable at that time because I saw a tweet from Do saying he had a plan. so snapshots should be taken fairly


Guys, we need to work together. Everyone expect us, gets compensated… Lets support each others. Share this everywhere…


We need fair distributions.

We need another snapshot before the last halt

This was when last halt happened and then trillions of tokens came into circulations.


Yes this is absolutely correct. We did not buy when the supply was in trillions, but when the supply was only a few billion. This is 3 ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE LOWER supply and yet we are grouped into the same category as the people who are buying now when the SUPPLY IS 6.5T. In this case our group gets ZILCH, ZERO, NADA! Wake up people! Support this amendment or you WILL GET NOTHING.

This should be addressed with the following amendment proposal:

Please support this tweet and retweet and like to spread the message. Thank you.


Thats right
Everyone gets compensate equally.
Do Know have to hear this. Its logical.
If there given than give it right and honest.
If he do this, hes a fair man.

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They don’t care I’m sad .I lost years of savings and I’m disappointed by the way the team handled it .It’s unfair to a lot of people


Bring a class action law suit against Terra labs and do kwon for leading the investers to belive their investments would be OK an not to pull out of the project even tho he was the person who caused the collapse of ust and Luna while also nearly bankrupting binance ceos, this was caused by the actions of one man who closed business on the 30th of April 4 days later ust collapsed an soon followed Luna dyor Google it the Korean government is even looking to question do kwon about fraudulent business activities . Here is a while new scenario Luna 2 is released everyone gets there small airdrop do kwon is questioned about his actions by the Korean government and j. A. I. L. E. D what do you think happens Luna 2 it collapses and we are all back to square 1 left with nothing avoid these p. O. N. Z. I schemes

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my dog name is Luna & i invest in Luna for her. My dog now wants treats ( Luna2.0). Do you understand. Just shill

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This is perfect and good decision


we need fairness

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Who panicked after the de-peg and sold coins at $10-50 and received real $ with profit, now because of the timing of the snapshot, will receive ANOTHER 1100 new coins (from 1000 sold old).

Kwon not showed proofs of 80k bts transfers, 90% of the community were against the fork.
2.0 de ad project.

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