Do Kwon's proposal is the best + time weighted airdrop

Keep the new “Revival Plan 2” but make changes to reward more those holding pre-depeg

This is a revival plan, not a plan to compensate for speculating trading. The focus should be on the best way to keep Terra alive and make it useable as an L1 without UST for now. Those who where there pre-depeg are those who built the chain. Those who bought on the way down and had nothing before may have tried to helped but majority didn’t, they just wanted quick gains. Revival plan should not focus on them because those are not the people who built Terra and its ecosystem.


Use a time-weighted conversation rate. The closest to the depeg date, the more your LUNA/UST is worth. As time moves, the weight decreases. We need to decide for a specific date but it’s clear that a few days ago should be the date where the weight equals 0 already. Buying now should not lead to any reward because it’s easy to make a gain by trading the way up.

Snapshot at depeg = S1
Snapshot at S2 = S1 + 1 day

Snapshot at Sn = S1 + n days (to decide what’s n).

Airdrop in LUNA = function inversely proportional to Si (where i is between 1 and n). Can be exponential, etc.

That’s to focus on revival, not talking about UST compensation for late buyers, etc. Different plan.

No rewards for ust buyers post depeg of course. Only pre depeg. Different story for Luna holders…

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Once voting is done and some communication and actions are done, things will improve. But if burning started, it will go 10x or even 100x from current levels. They are knowingly not starting burn now, they may start once they accumulate huge amounts.


Let team know to distribute people according to the current supply they bought at.
If someone bought at 1,2,40,60$ and supply was 400M-10B they would get according to that supply!
Don’t make them compete against 6.15T.
Or snapshot before the halt


Yess absolutely!


Part 1.
1.) Token holder A held 1,000,000 tokens at a market cap of 1 billion on 5/11. They held 0.1% of the overall supply of tokens. The market cap is recorded and now they would get 100 million * 0.1% = 100,000 Luna V2 tokens.

2.) Token holder B held 1,000,000 tokens at a market cap of 10 billion on 5/12 (early morning). They held 0.01% of the overall supply of tokens. The market cap is recorded and now they would get 100 million * 0.1% = 10,000 Luna V2 tokens.

3.) Token holder C held 1,000,000 tokens at a market cap of 6.5 trillion on 5/15. They held 0.00001538461% of the overall supply of tokens. The market cap is recorded and now they would get 100 million * 0.00001538461% = 15.38 tokens.

For 1,000,000 tokens:
Token holder A (price paid) > Token holder B (price paid) > Token holder C (price paid)

Redistribute in this way that accounts for the marketcap. Do not bin Token holder A, B, and C into a single market cap of 6.5 trillion, rather bin it as %tokens_held = tokens_held_at_specific_MC / MC.

Part 2.
Also, increase from 10% to 20% for holders up to 5/27.
Decrease from 35% to 25% for the holders up to 5/7.
Or keep them equal, do not discriminate.
Apply same marketcap principles for all cases to determine true holdings and distributions.

There is same issue I reply:

I think need more accurate to hours will be the better way for fairly time weighted airdrop.

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ust buyers literally tried to re-peg $UST back to $1?!??! what lmao

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I wish and Hardly praying for again zero of luna
They do Totally Unfair
My UST buying 0.90$
My LUNA Buying 33$
Total Investment 6000$
Now i Receive only 6$ is it fair ???
I Invest just because of trusted project but what will do??


There’s nothing we can do, we should just save it as a reminder how that destroyed us


Dude we all totally ignored, just fk dok and his dog fatman

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