Does Batched Payment Capability on Terra Exist?

Has anyone developed a solution that allows batched payment transactions? It does not look like a feature currently available on Terra Console.

For example, on Ethereum, there are various smart contracts that allow batched payments in one transaction (largely, for purposes of cutting down gas costs).

Less concerned about fees here on Terra - more concerned about facilitating hundreds of payments in one fell swoop!

Any help/insight/guidance greatly appreciated!

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Hey Jeff - there’s MsgMultiSend on Terra that allows batched transactions. Dig around in terracli tx send -h for tips on how to use this. will also have cli and rest instructions.

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Thanks very much for your help, Do! I will investigate this right away.

We are excited to rollout a number of LUNA payments for the tremendous participation in the Flipside/Terra Scavenger Hunt and Bounty Campaign :slight_smile:

Excited! Looking forward to those bounties :wink:

Been looking at this with a dev about making a web dapp for this. Looking very promising, hopefully will follow up with a community proposal in the near future for some funding. Thank you for pointing this out, its a great opportunity. @Jeff_FlipsideCrypto @dokwon