Don’t be like everyone else, make your own decisions

Hello, everyone.
I have already created several suggestions for improvement, read many positive comments, but where is the result?

Every suggestion I have made to improve the LUNC situation has involved burning coins, because - the only sensible solution.

Everyone is supportive, but what’s next? The problem is that many people are sitting here, monitoring the sections to see where LUNC will go. But people just need to realize one thing, the problem is you. Do kwon and his team won’t do anything. You are sitting, reading this post, and you have 1,000,000 or 100,000,000 LUNC coins in your wallet and you are waiting for a miracle, now they will burn everything and you will become a dollar millionaire, but it will not happen, because there are thousands of people like you.

Yes, my English is very weak, but you understand me, because if you are not ready to burn your LUNC at least 20-50%, why should someone do it for you?
Those people who were willing to burn, they burned, and those who weren’t willing lost.
As of 06/01/2022, about $350 billion has been burned, with 6,906,654,253,362 left. It is now 06/03/2022 and the current number of coins is 6,906,638,174,451. Do you see the difference? is that Do kwon burn? no.

Other than yourself, no one can help you. People, we have all the coins, a normal investor didn’t dock like many at 0.00010. Just realize that you are not special, there are 100500 people like you waiting for LUNC to rise, who are saving their coins in anticipation of $1, but in fact, your assets are $0 with that attitude.

I bought 3,000,000 coins, I burned 95%, leaving me with 150,000 coins. I sacrificed my money, for the sake of at least making an impact and supporting the burn.

I’ll say it again, more coins are not from the whales, but from us, so start with yourself and ask others, otherwise you are holding a useless coin.

Only you build your future, don’t be like everyone else, make your own decisions.

Thank you, everyone.

You already posted this yesterday…?

Why should people burn their own coins? It’s not going to make any difference to the price. Even if it did, it doesn’t benefit the people who already lost their coins. You can’t expect people to “sacrifice for the common good”.

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Do you think that tokens are worth zero now. And if everyone burns their tokens, how much will they have in their account? Also zero? After all, they will not have any tokens. And you will have all the tokens…

Sorry, nobody is going to burn their hard earning investments…

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