LUNC everybody support please!

  1. Tax & Burn :fire:
  2. Create volunteer NFT, sell and burn LUNC
  3. Do not sell for $0.1-$1 until you take your loss
  4. Maintain its value with campaigns such as Stake and Earn…
  5. Let the attackers be found out and their assets confiscated.
  6. Put pressure on Do Kwon for budget allocation and plan

Please, those in authority, hear our voices, the damage is too great.

We only have LUNC, if nothing is done it will lose its value day by day.

Our biggest advantage right now is volume and advertising, we should use this advantage, we can encourage the investor with a few simple decisions.

We cannot waste time. This is our only asset right now and we have 1-2 weeks max.

The investors; Please support… don’t sell at a loss and be patient, let’s not let them steal from us…

It is certain that its value will increase quickly if any decision is taken and implemented.

Just take a step No coin currently promises 1000x as LUNC

Please don’t give up…


PLAN : Plan to revive both LUNC and USTC - Phoenix resurrected after near death - #2 by WAGTU

Take action, authorities, a simple vote, a simple few decisions.
Should be implemented quickly…

No point, just luna classic holders thinking all this, leadership needs to take right direction. People will not trust LUNA or LUNC now on their own. They need to build war chests with BTC and Ethereum reserves. Eth is currently less than $2k, It will touch 3k soon, before that Terra community needs to build the resrve, if not no future for terra.

the nft is a good idea,
and I write a front-end demo for it: A simple demo of pixelplace game using blockchain to speed up the burning
That can be used as a supplement to your idea