Don't overthink this! BUY/BURN Tell the story!

Don’t overthink this PLEASE!

BUY/BURN and tell the world you are supporting LUNA, but has to come from Do.

The momentum will shift very rapidly if the public KNOWS it’s not going away or some wacky restructure/fork idea. The story will be a V shaped chart and a bad memory.

Everyone can buy and average waaaayyyy down. To the point where we may stable in the $1-2 range not $80-100. That’s OK, the cost basis from here makes everyone profitable again!

Maybe a little tax on LUNA that buys UST? Whatever, get creative! But if you destroy LUNA and don’t say that NOW and in the next few days, then it’s OVER!

All the mad people, lawsuit threats and pissed off community members go away with a recovery. And the world takes crypto seriously.

Right now this story is truly a THREAT to the whole crypto industry and we all have way too much invested for this to happen. There is more at stake here than just TERRA!


Do and his vulture backers better start doing something. There is growing chatter about why the entire thing went poof, and no seems to have coherent plan or anything to say for it.

I have seen some rather interesting people sniffing around following some trails, and the way this leadership vacuum is driving thing further off a cliff, the situation is only going to rapidly deteriorate.

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You nailed it. No need to over thinking, Buy and burn. That shows the intention of the team to the world, investor confidence will be back.

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Lots of brilliant people around this, but this is part PR and part Crisis Mgmt. And 100% MAN UP!