Where is the action? Luna is almost a rotten corpse, flies start to come in

These tweets from official LUNA accounts are just hollow. Nothing is happening. After 4 days, no real plan. I mean, what the hell, do something. Start BURNING LUNA now.

All these proposals… and plans… this is getting out of control.

Speculators are coming in like flies now… to eat what is left.


Its already burning in binance…
Thats the best action and its goung good

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The community as a whole is already working on this.

If you’d like to help, buy LUNA. It’s available on Binance and Coinbase.

Buying will help prop up the price, which benefits the community (and UST) and has the potential to generate some profit for you.

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Are you serious? Waste our own money to buy a dead coin? Where is all the BTC reserve? Is all in their pockets now?

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It is not dead.

I already bought 90k LUNA over the last few days. I think that is enough.

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The coin may have crashed, but there’s no way they can abandon it and walk away with the reserves. If Do Kwon doesn’t use those reserves to stabilize the price, he’s going to end up in years of lawsuits and walk away with absolutely nothing. Also, keep in mind that there’s some pretty serious investors that have lost significant amounts of money and have a huge interest in fixing this.


You have sacrificed yourself to save those UST holders, at least 7 billion UST escaped without losing money, and another 10 billion couldn’t escape.
Terra team should have done more to prevent further LUNA crash, but they didn’t. That’s why we are so angry. They just sit there and let UST holders to escape. If they could shut down the chain earlier, LUNA situation wouldn’t become so terrible.
What a stupid team! Their attitude and IQ are both minus 0!


why current supply is not reflecting on coinmarketcap? is there any way to check the burning tokens or burnt supply?

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LUNA has already become off-line coin. Each exchange manipulates different prices.