Enable IBC

This signaling proposal will fix Terra Classic (Columbus-5), to re-enable IBC functionality to Osmosis and Juno.

The IBC channels 1, 20, and 49 (corresponding to Osmosis, Juno, and Crescent, respectively) were set to be “CLOSED” state as part of the v0.5.20 upgrade of Terra core software (Comparing v0.5.19...v0.5.20 · terra-money/classic-core · GitHub). In order for these channels to be re-enabled, their states need to be set to “OPEN” via a similar software upgrade.


Playing with a live cold-war thermonuclear device? No thanks!

For history and nostalgia; maybe walk down memory lane of chaos without planning?

Well, some would like to trade on IBC. that’s why I created this to point out where the code to fix for them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Firstly, needs to be inspected for vurnerabilities.

Strongly support this idea!!!

I am fully support this idea. It is also very important thing. I support utilities, if staking is a utility then IBC is a utility too.

Let’s address some low hanging fruit first, and have the devs ask the community here, and not some silo’d SM channels.

  • Governance (Rid of Spam and Scam linking)
  • Delegation (Concentration of voting power)
  • Fix Classic Terra Station’s Web footprint. URIs [URLS] not possible to direct link.
  • Put an emergency halt and a contingency action plan in place.
  • Let’s observe the burn results for at least six months.
  • Avoid complexity and stick with simplicity.

I’m not against IBC channels, I’m against the too soon and too fast potentially flooding a fragile market approach.