Proposal - Enable IBC for Terra

Proposer: Terraform Labs

UPDATE: The TFL listed proposal is #128, which can be seen here: Terra Station


An eagerly awaited change to follow the update of the Columbus mainnet is the enablement of the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol for interoperability between Terra and other blockchains. By passing this proposal, the permissionless transfer of tokens across chains be will available. With the connection between Terra and the rest of the Cosmos ecosystem, greater economic collaboration will be available among chains and projects.

Below is more specific information with regards to IBC enablement as well as the passed proposal made on Cosmos:

It seems that the majority of the community is for the above proposal, but feel free to write any comments or thoughts below. We will leave this for a bit and then upload the official governance poll in a few days time.

Next Steps

  1. Community Discussion (current)
  2. Upload Governance Proposal
  3. Voting Period

What is the construction of the parameter change proposal that needs to be made for this?


ParamChanges here

    "subspace": "transfer",
    "key": "SendEnabled",
    "value": true
    "subspace": "transfer"
    "key": "ReceiveEnabled",
    "value": true

I think that this:

Works too, yes?

I am not entirely sure that it includes the needed parameter changes, but:

A little bit confused. Is #127 not set up properly? I find it suspicious that something as obviously beneficial as IBC didn’t almost immediately complete the deposit requirement.

Am I right to assume that that proposal was proposed by an overexcited community member, and the actual proposal will come from someone at TFL and has yet to drop?

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It’s all good tho.

Notional will help to make this happen, regardless of how it happens.

Maybe community member made that proposal, but that is just text proposal.

#128 This one is proper one to change ibc params.

im dumb, this is a no brainer, vote’r in.

yes, I am ashamed now :stuck_out_tongue:


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Everything moves forward with the official train of thought.


I think that fine

Hai :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::grin:

Good idea,very hope !

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Good idea.