Ethereum Tokens, Wrapped Luna, Wormhole

Hello, I have been a holder of Wrapped Luna since the de-peg and currently also hold some LUNC on my terra wallet. I have a 2 part question. I will start with my first issue. I am unable to transfer my LUNC to LUNAW (wormhole Luna) through the wormhole. Whenever I go to the classic bridge I get the error that “Wormhole is currently not available on Terra Classic.”

Steps To Reproduce Issue
I go to and I get the alert that wormhole is unavailable. I have had no issues transferring WLUNA through the shuttle back to LUNC. I cannot however get my LUNC over to LUNAW due to the wormhole being closed.

Expected Result
I expect to be able to transfer LUNC through the wormhole to get LUNAW.

Actual Result
Wormhole is down.

Visual Proof (screenshots, videos, text)

It is already down and now there is not plan to use it again. Binance transfered and converted. Turning this system down plan was at twitter notification.