Terrastation Swap Broken (CLASSIC)

cant swap in terrastation.

I get this
First argument must be a string, Buffer, ArrayBuffer, Array, or array-like object.


Thanks for reporting.
We are aware of this issue and a solution is coming soon.

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When the issue will be solved ? How can we follow the process ??

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any update on this?
is this from terra.js sdk ?

I have a similar issue when trying to send LUNC through the Wormhole to LunaW. I am being told that “Wormhole is currently not available on Terra Classic.” This is concerning because there has been no public acknowledgment and the silence surrounding wrapped/erc-20 lunc tokens is also disconcerting. Can someone help direct me to a thread that addresses this issue, or possibly provide clarification on what the LUNC plans are for WLUNA and LUNAW. I know that prior to the depeg the plan was to phase out WLUNA and switch to Wormhole. However, with the Wormhole being down and WLUNA is total limbo, I am just very confused.