Can't delegate $LUNC

Hi. Since before the crash and creation of LUNA 2.0, I haven’t been able to delegate any of my LUNC (then LUNA) to any validators and I’ve been receiving the same error.

I thought it might be because of the balance, but as you can see, I’ve plenty of LUNC to cover any fees, yet it won’t let me continue.

Help me resolve this please.

Staking was turned off before the last chain halt to prevent the risk of an attack on governance, as someone/s could buy a huge percentage of the supply cheaply to influence votes.

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Yes, DO buys a lot of cheap lunc, then pledges it, then closes the pledge and it can control the vote to fork, the biggest governance attack comes from the project side.

I transferred some Luna to Bluna’s address and it is in Trafinder, but it is not in the Terra Station wallet, please help

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You left out the part where that LUNC was unstaked after the halt and therefore couldn’t be used to vote.