Get The Money To The Community

I concur.

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That’s right. :ok_hand:

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The “$4.16M” is the most divisive issue in the LUNC community. Everybody wants to decide how it should be distributed . We are counting and selling chickens before they are hatched.

Have we considered that the money may not be there anymore. First, get the money in the community pool if it is available and legal.

Time to move on.

Why LUNC community? Terra is not only LUNC.

Terra Luna(LUNA 2.0) and Terra Classic(LUNC) are separate blockchains under separate governance.

TR have too many chiefs and few Indians. Is there a Captain Kirk or Jean-Luc Picard among them? TR are trying to destroy what the community is trying to build by washing their dirty linen on twitter. Do It Here or in some private room. Enough is Enough. Stop iT!