Holders of the UST before the depeg and to this day on the exchanges will not receive anything?

I have read many topics and discussions, but I don’t understand one thing. Will the holders of #UST (not aUST) on binance, receive any compensation? I held the coin until depeg in staking, then it was transferred to a spot wallet and is there to this day. And what percentage of new coins will be distributed for me?

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You will get back.

But who bought during 8th to 12 TH May getting the worst deal.

Because luna was at 40$ and supply was at 450M.

And now we gonna get out of the 6.5T tokens!

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Me too. wanna know what do we get holders of #UST(not aUST) on binance pre-attack.

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I also had almost all my savings on a centralized exchange (kucoin) that were stored in a stablecoin (UST) long before the depeg. I sold my UST per ~20c.

Am I not eligible for an airdrop?