UST in Binance before May 7, will have any Luna 2.0 airdrop for the new proposal?

Will got any Luna 2.0 airdrop if got UST in binance before May 7?

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if you still hold then yes if you sold probably no

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According to the finalized proposal mentioned: pre-attack aUST holders got 10% token Distribution, asummed that aUST is different with UST? aUST should be the UST staking in Anchor? Am I understanding right?

That’s correct, you get aUST as receipt token after depositing UST in Anchor.

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Hi, so, can you clarify if all my ust should be move to anchor or should i be quit on binance/bybit/others exchanges?.

If those UST you got in exchange was before “attack”, then you got nothing if you move to anchor now, the only way you have airdrop should be bought extra UST or LUNA during May 7-27, guys please correct me if my understanding wrong.


I hold a ton of UST via FTX, I did not sell during the fall. What should I do? What will happen to UST holders? Please advice

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I need help. I went to send my trust tokens to binance and sent them to Luna’s contract wallet. Can anyone help me get my tokens back?

not financial advice, but if you hold till the final snapshot before the fork you will get luna v2 airdropped for them

If you sent tokens to a contract address, unfortunately they are not retrievable.