Anyone still holding UST?

Lost a lot of money on UST, wasn’t fast enough to sell, and then missed my last chance when it was still 50% of its value.

Now I’m stuck with UST that’s not even 10% of what it once was. Still looking at the price graph a couple times a day, hoping that through some miracle it’ll go up again but with the latest proposals the current terra is basically dead.

Anyone here with me that held through all of this chaos?


ust about to pump

Can’t even get it out to other DEX or CEX.

Out of speculation doesn’t count. I want an healthy pump because of fundamentals of some proposal which should take in consideration UST holders!

Does anyone here still have their UST deposited in Anchor? Would like to know if it’s best to withdraw it from Anchor and just hold it in the Terra Station wallet for the airdrops (if there are any).


Sold 20k for 0,15 USD day ago. After Do Kwon started to talk about fork :frowning: Still have couple k locked ANC and around 500 UST…

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I’m still staking all of my UST on Anchor waiting for the repeg or my 1:1 refund. I bought months before the depeg and expect my initial investment to be fully refunded, at the very least.

This is the only fair possibility, based on exactly what Do Kwon said during the initial depeg and crash.


I sincerely hope it happens . Chance is extremely glimpse though looking at their attitude and how they are handling things

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Yes, I am still holding it; but not sure whether I should sell it after reading DW’s compensation plan. It’s been tough for the last few days, hope everyone stay strong.

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Unfortunately, we were deceived.


I am still holding 23900 UST coins bought at 0.93 USDT after depeg from 1 USDT, still in 92% lost, donot know who will provide compensation for buying a stable coin which went unstable.

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Yes, as each day passes, it looks more and more likely that Do Kwon deceived us so he could bail out his VCs and friends near the top of the crash while he was telling all of us to “hang tight”


I don’t have “UST”.
I was in the $0.11 sold more than 100 k. :sob:

Shouldn’t there be a plan for UST on Luna Classic ?

Anyone working on one?

I still do :frowning: I couldn´t sell nor withdraw it, it’s truly dissapointing.

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Capitulated yesterday when it was 0.08 on the dollar.
I wanted to cry since I was ready to dump then I saw Do’s post on ‘Close to announcing a recovery plan for $UST’ at it was climbing back around $0.8 then.

It’s all over for me.

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Look up Basis Cash, Kwon’s previous stablecoin, to see the future of UST

Price is $0.00742811

If Kwon couldn’t honor his other stablecoin, what’s to stop him from doing it again?

Man has no honor.

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please don’t look at is that way.
that is your risk management.
you assign a probability of UST going to 0 and a probability of it recovering to maybe $0.15.
Ex. 80% chance UST is $0, and 20% it’s recovery is $0.15 give a fair value of $0.03.
So nice trade.
the price paid is irrelevant now.
i hold aUST, lesson learned. a flawed design, inexperienced team with no idea how to market maker nor develop given the 3pool debacle.
hope that helps.

Have 77k on the OKX… Had 100k… Did convert 100k usdt to stake it at 23:30 PM 8 May :rofl: my luck! But how could i know that the crash did happen May 7?.. Anyway… Then did sell 23k in panic on 0.32… Hope will have something in a resurrected LUNA :slight_smile:

I doubt anyone gets a full refund. The funds are just not enough to make that happen so best to keep expectations low and take everything that you get as bonus

Also wondering if I should sell while UST still holds any value at all, or let it ride. But with terra v1 going away, who would ever use UST on a dead chain.

Much rather would want for them to make it right and save the current luna/ust instead of abandoning ship but oh well.