How to bring more developers into Terra Ecosystem?

We need more developers on Terra! That’s the main target!

How do we bring more developers to build on Terra and grow the ecosystem?

Let’s discuss:

This it’s also a response to Luke Saunders tweet:

I’ve found 2 categories to target:

  1. People who are already developers.
  2. People who want to become developers.
  • People who are already developers.
  1. Where can we find them?
  2. Where are they right now?
  3. How can we make them build on Terra?
  4. We need to incentivize them to build on Terra.

We need to answer all these questions together!

Some solutions:
Terra needs to leverage the freelancer platforms like UpWork to invest more in Market research, hiring people to create a marketing plan, Business consultation, etc. We need to consult with more people on how we can bring the existing developers to the Terra ecosystem.

According to some research most developers right now are on Etherum, Polkadot, DEFI protocols, etc.

So, we should research what ETH, Polkadot, and all these DEFI protocols have done to incentivize the developers to build on their ecosystem. We need to find new ways of marketing and awareness to bring more developers into Terra.

Solution: Terra team should hire some researchers from UpWork or other places to research this topic more and how it can be implemented. What other blockchains have done to bring the developers into their ecosystem?
I will update more this after more research…

  • People who want to become blockchain developers and want to learn!
  1. Use terra developers and create an academy or free courses. It will be called Terra Academy for developers with all these courses.
    (Video, articles, step by step guides, etc)

  2. Put those free courses on the largest website learning platforms like Udemy, Teachable, Thinkific, Skillshare, Pluralsight Skills, LinkedIn Learning., CBT Nuggets, A Cloud Guru, Udacity, Cloud Academy, ITProTV., etc.
    Fiverr Learn, Coursera,

  3. Use a more targeted promotion for the Terra courses: Use a partnership with Fiverr Learn, Coursera, Udemy, or SkillShare, etc.
    Ex: Fiverr Learn will offer the Terra courses to freelancers who want to offer a service in the Blockchain category! They need to pass Terra courses so they can provide a service in that category.

  4. Partner with blockchain academy or similar business to offer the Terra Academy courses: Let’s find some examples below:
    IvanOnTech Academy: over 20.000-50.000 monthly students. Put Terra Academy courses on Ivan on Tech academy.
    Edureka Courses: 5 million visits/ month.
    Same thing here.

  5. After the Terra Academy courses are out via these platforms and partnerships, we need to promote terra academy via all channels of marketing: SEO, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, YouTube marketing, etc. A Marketing Agency should take care of these tasks.

I will post some link/s below for some of the websites.

This it’s an open discussion and everyone it’s welcome to share their ideas and how we can bring more developers into the Terra ecosystem.
Let’s put our brains to work for 30 minutes and see what we can research together.

Share your ideas guys, thanks!


I am a developer and would be very happy to dive into the Terra ecosystem. Ok, now what? What should I do?

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This is an update regarding the first category: People who are already developers!

Terra Academy for developers and Terra weekly hackathon/webinar/session!

Target audience:

  • People who are already developers.

Questions to ask ourselves?

  1. Where can we find them?
  2. Where are they right now?
  3. How can we make them build on Terra?
  4. We need to incentivize them to build on Terra.

Where are the developers?


  1. We hire people from Upwork who will research the platforms where are the developers right now. We need links to the websites/communities where they are and hang out! Places like LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, forums, telegram, discord, websites, academy websites, freelancer platforms, websites learning etc.

2.Now that we have found the link/s and communities where they are, we need to incentivize them to join terra. How we will do that? We need a message to contact them or to engage with them in some ways. We will discuss more here.

  1. We need a website to incentivize the developers to join! The website must incentivize the developers to join in! Like a weekly hackathon/competition to build on terra or something else! The content of the website must be written by a professional team.

  2. So, we have the website and the content. Now, we need email marketing tools like Get Response/ Constant Contact to collect the emails of the developers. Email marketing will be the primary way of connecting with them. We need a team who will write and send 1-2 informative emails per week about the terra competition/hackathon etc. We can add a lot of stuff here. We collect also the phone nr of the developers and stay in contact with them before the hackathon day by sending an SMS via Sending Blue.

  3. By sending weekly emails we will incentivize them to join a telegram and discord group only for developers. Create a community around Telegram and Discord.

6.Terra team should take care of the competition management and organizing it.

  1. The hardest part will be marketing the website to the right audience(developers) and make them engage to leave their emails and participate in the weekly hackathon. We will need help from a consultation and marketing agency to find the best ways to do it. We will need an SEO strategy, content strategy, social media, and youtube strategy. Basically, a growth plan for the website.

8.We need Terra Academy with courses made by the developers!
Use terra developers and create an academy or free courses. It will be called Terra Academy for developers with all these courses.
(Video, articles, step by step guides, etc)

We will implement the academy on the website so all the developers can do the courses for free.
Terra Video Academy should inspire the best! We can see the most viewed courses on Udemy, etc, and see how we can implement it into terra.

Deploy Terra Academy courses to blockchain academics and learning websites like Udemy, Coursera, etc!

After, when we have all this stuff done and implemented, it will be a weekly contest/ hackathon/ session where Terra Team will be the judge in a video session interactive style like Shark Tank.

Video ex:

  1. Add some creative persons into the mix of the hackathon like brilliant people from the marketing, Social media marketing, and mix them with the developers into the sessions.

As someones said, for every idea you want to do, there it’s someone who already done it. So let’s research!

Now, let’s find examples of websites that are already doing what we want to do or similar stuff.

Basically, we will need to build a similar website like Moralis.

We will also need a youtube video strategy with Terra Academy courses are presented with links.s to our website. YouTube channel audience are developers!

Terra academy should be something like this:

This is a general plan and every step will be updated with new ideas!
Thanks for reading! Let’s share our ideas together!

Thank you

New update:

We need developers on Terra!

The best places to find high-professional blockchain developers include freelance platforms, coding platforms, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Reddit, conferences, Blockchain Hub, Blockchain Development Companies, etc!

Where are the most developers right now?

They are on Reddit, GitHub, CryptoTwitter, LinkedIn, Discord communities!

So, we have 2 options:

1. Terra could use the community funds to hire them!
2. Make them build on their own on Terra!

Some questions we need to answer:

-How can we make them build on Terra?
-How do we approach them to build on Terra?
-How do we incentivize them to build on their own?
-Can the Terra team hire someone on UpWork to research and fix it for us?
Does anyone have any ideas?

Some general stuff to read!

Where to hire developers right now:

Thanks, everybody! Share your ideas!


Frank, this is not what the research forum is for. Constructive mechanism discussions only.

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Will delete in a few days

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Ok, I’m sorry about this. If the community wants to contribute in some way to terra ecosystem, where should they post their ideas? I’m very passionate about terra! Can we have a category where we can post and share our thoughts? Thank you!

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Hi Frank,

That’s a lovely idea… I in particular have a vision to build a savings app on top of localTerra. This is needed in countries where there is strong resistance to cryptocurrency services… Having a p2p savings app with high savings rate will be cool and help in bring in a lot more retail users…

Challenge though is, I do not have coding experience or skill, so will have to rely on hiring some of the best developers out there.

Projects like this, can be community sponsored or even at the individual levels, especially those with pretty decent Luna bags…

I’m looking for persons interested in working on this project with me…

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Hi, guys! Following this topic, I see that someone took action and posted a course on Udemy: Terra DeFi for Beginners: Join the Financial Revolution and also Anchor & Mirror Finance DeFi - Join the Financial Revolution. which it’s great!

We need to take this further and make contact with someone from Ivan on Tech Academy to create an advanced developer course for everyone interested on building on Terra! We need a developer from TFL to contact someone from Ivan Academy(which it’s the largest crypto developer academy right now in the world) and create this course for us!

Ivan on Tech Academy has over 100.000 monthly students and developers who are taking daily courses and how to program on ETH, Bitcoin and other blockchains.

Here are all their courses including: Polkadot, EOS, ETH, Bitcoin, etc. We need a Terra Course here to bring more developers into the ecosystem!

Thank you!

I think creating a post on 1729 and pay people to create free content on youtube might be a good idea too. Please have a look at Solana’s post on 1729

The advantage of implementing the ideas below is that Terra already has a strong community who is willing to invest, support and use the products. But I think that in order to improve adoption of Terra products we need to move out of the crypto space and have real life use cases. We don’t only need single developers but also companies who innovate and build new products, some of which we are not thinking about currently. I belive that the grants are an excellent idea which will bring a lot of great products as they are appealing to larger groups, not only individuals.

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Hi! Our Luna community it’s trying to find new ideas how to bring more developers to Terra. Here it’s the post for everyone to follow and participate:

Some key points and ideas:

Education + incentives

-I can tell from experience the Terra Docs are not 100% up to date, which is something to fix asap.
We also need an easier onboarding to smart contracts on Terra. is good to start with though.

-Increase visibility of the Terra Ecosystem Fund.

It’s not very easy to find how to apply for funding. After digging a bit I found a medium article with an application form.
This should probably be highlighted on the terra website!

We need to promote more via different channels the Terra fund and also Terra academy for developers!


More importantly, for the people who are perfectly capable with Python:

  1. What are developers able to build?
  2. What is a goal a developer can set?
  3. What is a typical build a developer could perform that would have a small financial pay-off?

There has to be a motivation for developers, new and advanced to write applications on the Terra Networks.

Especially those who understand software engineering and want to give-it-a-go writing a terra application. Especially those who understand software are unsure ‘what application’ to create and create content about.