How to efficiently burn LUNC?

  1. Assist in burning LUNC with transaction tax.
    But I personally think the transaction tax is a little lower.
    A lot of people think that the transaction tax is higher than 3%, but I think that will lead to a decrease in the number of transactions.

  2. Reward active burners.
    The way I can think of so far is as follows:
    I. Establish a burn period and total burn.
    For example: burn 5T before 6/1
    If there is no way to achieve the goal within the deadline, implement a bifurcation policy.
    II. Active destroyers can get airdrops of new LUNA
    for example:
    The bifurcation policy is 69000LUNC: 1LUNA, then actively burning 25000LUNC can exchange for 1LUNA airdrop. (The ratio can be adjusted, I just give an example)
    This can increase the willingness of holders to burn LUNC. After all, burning is a more cost-effective way than holding LUNC for LUNA.
    III. If the target can be achieved within the time limit, the active burner will be rewarded.
    Give a portion of the burn or transaction tax to the active burner as a reward.
    for example:
    For every holder of 25,000 LUNC that is burned, if the fork policy is not required if the goal is finally achieved, 5-10 LUNC will be returned to the active burner.
    If the LUNC of 5T is really burned, the value of 5-10 LUNC will be much higher than the current 25000 LUNC.
    The above figures are just examples. In fact, professionals can calculate what proportion is more appropriate.

  3. When the LUNC is burned below a certain amount/the value of LUNC is higher than the amount, the transaction tax is reduced and the liquidity is increased.

The above idea is just to provide an own concept. Most of the community’s voice is to burn LUNC, but without any incentive, burning LUNC is impractical.

If a large number of holders are willing to burn LUNC by increasing incentives, perhaps the burning strategy can be successful.

Even I’m not opposed to offering sweepstakes for active burners to increase burn willingness.

Even if the burning strategy fails in the end, we have to fork, and the total number of LUNCs will not be the current 6.5T. At this time, it makes sense to keep LUNCs. (If the total number of LUNCs is still 6.5T or similar, it is actually the same as executing the fork now, so it will not have any impact)

If there is no corresponding burning strategy and direct fork, LUNC will have no meaning at all. When everyone turns their attention to LUNA, the circulation of LUNC6.5T will make it completely worthless.

LUNA would also not be trusted by most investors without any effort to burn the strategy.
In the end, TERRA will only get two stable coins, LUNC and LUNA, and both values ​​will approach 0.

Therefore, if TERRA can make some efforts and contributions to the burning strategy, it will be beneficial to gain the trust of investors again.

In the end, the above are my thoughts. I think there are many ways to achieve the implementation details.

Also, I’m not a native English speaker, so the grammar or word usage may be incorrect, I hope you can understand.


[quote=“LUNAXUGINLIN, post:1, topic:37321”]
Active destroyers can get airdrops of new LUNA
[/quote] this is a good idea

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