How to Increase Willingness to Voluntarily Burn LUNC

I have roughly described my thoughts in a previous post: How to efficiently burn LUNC?


If we want to get LUNC back to 3B supply, it means we need to burn 6.904T LUNC


If those who voluntarily burn LUNC can get the LUNA V2 airdrop, they will burn 50,000 LUNC in exchange for 1 LUNA V2. The maximum limit needs to provide 130-140M LUNA V2, accounting for about 13-14% of the total LUNA V2. If combined with a transaction tax system, the maximum amount needs to be provided in a smaller amount.


The LUNA V2 originally expected to be released will be distributed to those who voluntarily burn LUNC

Roughly calculated as follows:

◆Community pool bears 4%

◆Pre-attack LUNA holders bears 3.5%

◆Pre-attack aUST holders bears 1%

◆Post-attack LUNA holders bears2.5%

◆Post-attack UST holders bears 3%

(The value can be actuated by experts, I just think that Post-attack holders need less compensation, especially those who obtain LUNC below 0.000X, including me, of course, who are also low-cost acquirers. If anyone doubts, I will attach evidence )


This means:

◆The community pool can obtain at least 86.66% of the original expected LUNA V2.

◆Pre-attack LUNA holders can get at least 90% of the original expected LUNA V2.

◆Pre-attack aUST holders can get at least 90% of the original expected LUNA V2.

◆Post-attack LUNA holders can get at least 80% of the original expected LUNA V2.

◆Post-attack UST holders can get at least 80% of the originally expected LUNA V2.


If the burning plan is successful, the person who burns LUNC will return 10-20 LUNC for every 50K LUNC burned.

The value of 10-20 LUNC at that time is definitely far greater than the value of their purchase of 50K LUNC at 0.0002 or even 0.0003.

Of course, we can also provide other virtual currencies or items to attract people who voluntarily burn LUNC.

It depends on how TERRA officials decide.


By setting goals in stages, if they cannot be achieved, a fork should be performed.

If achieved then delay the bifurcation.

Such as: burn at least 1T LUNC before 6/1.

2T before 6/8… .


Some people may have questions:

Could it be that some people are unwilling to cooperate and cause the burning plan to fail?

Yes, there will be, but it is in their interests that the large number of holders will convert which way is better for them.

If they are unwilling to burn LUNC and the burning plan fails, they will eventually fork, and after the fork, those who are willing to burn will get more LUNA V2 than those who do not burn LUNC.


Through such a plan, even if we still face a bifurcation policy in the end, the total number of LUNCs will be reduced, which will relatively benefit the development of both LUNC and LUNA V2.

Holders have the opportunity to profit a little more on both sides.


If the burning plan is successful, the transaction tax or TERRA should give priority to compensating the holders of UST and LUNA before the attack in terms of future profits.

And it should be compensated by UST holders first, because if the burning plan is successful, the losses of LUNA holders will be greatly reduced.


In the end, I still hope that in the future, UST can reply to LUNC to hook up with the algorithm.

And at the same time add the following strategies:

I. When the LUNC has been issued more than the amount, the system will increase the transaction tax to burn the LUNC

II. In addition to the algorithm, it is also necessary to maintain a certain concept of mortgage to avoid the recurrence of this type of tragedy.

Hy, i think that many people will not voluntarily burn big amounts because the way they think is that the others will do! Everyone waits on the others actions unfortunately. Some people will never burn because they want their little daily cents won with staking rewards!

And so then think a new proposal has to be made for a new burn mechanism

This mechanism should be the burn of 50-60 percent of all staking rewards on exchanges and terra station

That burn should be an done automatically by staking station or exchanges. Means that on the 13-15 percent apy rewards, about 6.5 to 7.5 percent would be burned.

These numbers are also based on actual 900 billion lunc staked. So more buyers, more stakers, and more burns again. Just like this we talk about 63 to 80 billion luncs burned in a year. Add to that the actual burn taxes on transactions, we can say 100 billion luncs can be burned in a year.

Advantages: it doesn’t touch validators or exchanges pockets and for us buyers and stakers, it doesn’t reduce our lunc capital, the only thing is we get half rewards instead and we burn more.

Asking for voluntary actions, most people won’t do a thing it has to be an obligation through staking taxes and transaction taxes as well

Thoughts on that?

I am as much as possible against this proposal.